An even busier weekend than usual

The conference I will be working at starts today at 3:30, so I’ll be at a fancy hotel downtown until later tonight. I am actually pretty proud of all the work I put toward this event. I did some graphic design work that was printed on giant 24 x 28″ paper and mounted on nine sheets of foam board, so that’s the biggest size anything I’ve designed has been allowed to be publicly displayed. I never trained as a graphic designer, aside from those two all-day sessions I took through OSU’s continuing education program, but design is becoming less and less scary to me the more I do it. I also learned more this week than I ever knew about the different printers we have hooked up here.

I will be doing a workshop for the conference tomorrow with my department. We will be using my camera and equipment to interview people at the conference about why their work is important, and I’ll be using whatever footage we get to make a video for our web site. Even though it is stressful knowing my camera will be used for two sessions of this workshop AND for shooting scenes tomorrow night, I am really excited about the potential this video has. If it turns out especially well, they may also show it at a convention late this summer.

My dad says I am making a movie because I am not getting the creative outlet I need at work. That may be true, but even if we did video work here regularly (which we don’t) I think I would still want to write screenplays and go through the whole process I am doing right now. It sure does help with job satisfaction when they let me do this kind of stuff, though.

Here’s what’s on tap for tomorrow night, starting at 6:30:

April 18, Saturday
#34 (Meredith’s room)
6:30-7 p.m.

#30, 33 (Meredith’s living room/kitchen)
7:30-9 P.M.

Nothing’s scheduled for Sunday, although I am trying to get one scene in there if the two actors needed are available. We were going to go to Cincinnati that day, but it’s just not feasible with Becca’s work schedule on Sundays.

I sent an e-mail out asking if people were interested in a wrap party once we’re done with filming (last day is scheduled for May 10) and there was some interest expressed. I am thinking of asking people to come in costume, and bring something to change into, so we can get some staged photos for some movie posters, and maybe the cover of a DVD or something. We’ll see. Brandon has been taking all the awesome photos you’ve been seeing on here (aside from the handful at the restaurant) and thank goodness he  likes it and he is  willing to take more.

But, not this weekend, because he is out of town. He is leaving for K-town after work tonight to go to the famous “Orange and White Game” at UT tomorrow with his brother. Word around the campfire is there will be some past players there, including some from the 1998 national championship team. I can just picture Brandon walking around a tailgate party with his giant Nikon, taking pictures of everyone and everything, protecting his camera from beer spills and barbeque sauce-covered fingers.


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