No more inside scenes after tomorrow

Last night I shot one interior scene, and tomorrow I’ve got the last two that take place inside our apartment, including the final scene of the movie. I got the day off after all my actors said they could make it tomorrow afternoon. And I don’t have to use any vacation time, because I worked Saturday. I’m overtime exempt, but my boss is sweet like that.

Tomorrow I have to make a key copy for the new apartment, move as much stuff as we can, and maybe meet Eileen for brunch/lunch before filming starts at 12:30. We’ll see. I should *probably* make it over to the gym, especially since I am eating a Reese cup right now. Go, me.

After Thursday, I will have the following scenes left to film: an outside shot of Becca and Chenney; two scenes outside the apartment’s back steps; a re-shoot of the bathroom and park scenes; and the flashback scenes set at Seth and Amy’s for May 10. I am thinking I may have the wrap party Friday, May 22, about a week and a half after we end filming. I would have it sooner, but I want to give myself a little time to create a trailer and/or blooper reel to show at the party. That’s the plan, anyway.

My Wilmer Productions shirt hasn’t come in yet, and since I’m having things delivered to work ever since one of Brandon’s deliveries got taken from our porch, I won’t know if it arrives tomorrow until Friday. Oh, well.

April 23, Thursday

#38 (Meredith’s living room)
12:30-1:30 p.m.

#14  (Meredith’s kitchen/hallway)
2-2:30 p.m.


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