We don’t live here anymore

Our new place is in shambles, so I took some pictures of a clean, empty old apartment instead. I’ll miss the place. I remember how excited I was when I first moved in. Your first place is something you’ll never forget, right? By the way, I totally don’t count the dump I lived in my last semester of college. Such squalor!


The old living room

From the front door

From the front door

The view from an upstairs window. I always thought Beacon Alley was a pretty sweet street name.

The view from an upstairs window. I always thought Beacon Alley was a pretty sweet street name.

The move went pretty well, but there was way too much going on at once this weekend. Brandon’s dad helped us move some larger items like the bed and couches on Friday, and we all stayed at the new place that night. Then on Saturday, a former housemate of mine came to help us. He did more than that; Jake called Friday night and said, what’s the plan? When do you need me? I’ll be there. Not many friends will call YOU to make sure they can help you move all of your worldly possessions in one weekend. Later in the day my dad came to help, and my uncle and cousin rode their bikes down to the new place to visit. We ate some pizza on the porch and enjoyed taking a break, and walked down to the convenience store down the way to get something to drink, since it was pretty hot. Jake and his wife moved to their house last winter, and he said he would rather move in 80-degree weather than in the snow any day.

Brandon’s dad worked wonders on the new place, hanging up curtains and curtain rods, fixing broken drawers, and repairing my grandma’s old couch that I reupholstered last year. He pretty much knows how to do everything. That night I dropped my dad and brother off at Huntington Park to catch a game.

I got up early on Sunday morning and cleaned the old apartment, while Brandon stayed and unpacked. He later went back with me and did some things that I was too exhausted to do alone, and we had a very late lunch. We spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening unpacking, or at least we did until Brandon got the TV set up, and then we watched three hours of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on DVD instead. Our friends Joe and Jessie came by to see the new place last night, so we’ve already had a lot of company so far.

We decided not to get cable at the new place and just get internet instead, since we mostly just watch network shows, and you can catch The Daily Show online. However, a lot of companies don’t want you to be able to get internet alone so easily. They really want you to get a “bundle” deal with cable, internet and phone service, and someone at AT&T told me that they will not set up just the internet. So we ordered service from Earthlink, but we don’t have an appointment to get it set up yet. I had more e-mails than I’ve ever had at once when I checked today (not counting my birthday each year, when I get a million e-mails from Facebook saying someone’s written on my wall).

Jake also helped with filming while he was around Saturday. I was on camera again, so he was behind the camera for part of the day, and he held the mic the whole time. He had been wanting to help me in some way with the movie, but he lives kinda far away, relatively speaking. He did a good job. We got three scenes done that day, and now I only have eight scenes left to film, five of which are May 10, the last day of filming. However, someone pointed out to me that May 10 is Mothers Day. None of my actors have mentioned this as a conflict, and our hosts for those days scenes are okay with it, but I sent out an e-mail suggesting we switch to May 3 in case they just hadn’t realized that yet. In my selfish way I am hoping they will want to change to this Sunday instead, just because then I will be done with filming! But it’s also okay with me if we don’t change the schedule again.

Brandon and I are getting hair cuts tonight. I was planning on growing my hair out again, but I decided to get a couple inches cut off, since I will be in the flash back scenes, and shorter hair might help serve as another distinction between the present and past in the movie. Besides, I got so many compliments last time I got it cut. Just kidding. Sort of.

No filming until Wednesday, and I’m okay with that. I need a couple days to get the apartment under control, although we are almost completely unpacked, somehow. Just don’t look in our kitchen, because there’s a bicycle in the sink.


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