Time for a fashion show

Our Wilmer Productions shirts came in yesterday. You have no idea how excited I was. I tried mine on immediately. Some pictures, if you will:

The fronts of both say the same thing, with the clapper board image.

The fronts of both say the same thing, with the clapper board image.

The back of Brandon's

The back of Brandon's

And, the back of mine –- ego trip? Mayhaps

And, the back of mine –- ego trip? Mayhaps

Brandon’s is more creative, with his unique twist on that famous “Evil Dead” line. And the hockey stick image is actually the one we use, with the mic taped to it. He snapped it and tinkered with it in Photoshop. I love the cable hanging down from it.

I will probably wear mine every day for the next several months.

In other movie news, I have another artist contributing to my soundtrack. While on facebook one day last week, I saw an old college friend of mine had added a couple new songs to his artist page. I didn’t know him really well, since we were just in Model United Nations together one year, but I decided to send him a message and ask him if I could use any of his stuff. He let me pick, and I chose four songs to use. I remember having several of his songs on my old computer in college and I found one of them that I remembered especially liking. Check him out on facebook, his name is Morgan Brown. My other big contributor, John Yung, can be found on myspace, where you can listen to his stuff as well. They have kind of similar styles, with acoustic guitar and mellow vocals. They’re both extremely talented.

Now – on to editing. It’s been a pain in the butt. But! I think I have found my editing program and the computer to use it on. After iMovie and Final Cut Express let me down, because the new iMovie is too awesome for my computer and because Final Cut Express insists that I actually own the original software in order to get a discounted upgrade, I moved on. For the moment, I am so done with the Apple line of video editing software. Now, I’m not saying I’m going to be a PC convert or anything, but for the remainder of this project, it looks like I’ll be getting cozier with a non-Mac than ever before.

When he was here last weekend, Brandon’s dad happened to bring up a copy of Pinnacle Studio 12, a program that I heard about some time last month from a co-worker. It’s made by Avid, the professional software I used in college, and hated with a passion. However, after watching several tutorial videos and playing around with it a little bit, I think it’s a lot more user-friendly than Avid, much newer and more fresh, and easy. Plus, it pretty much wins by default, because it recognized the camera almost immediately after Brandon plugged it into his computer last night, and the same cannot be said for FCE.

Editing starts in full force tonight. I decided to keep May 10 as the last day of filming because someone mentioned a possible work conflict for the 3rd. Also, Chenney from Cincy had to cancel tonight’s scene, because she is getting super bogged down at work this week. That works though, because it’s pretty cloudy today for an outside shot. We’re going to pick a night next week instead, when it’s convenient for Becca, Chenney, and me.


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