Too much at once

So I’ve been too busy all week to do a whole lot of editing. I’ve done a little, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. Plus, it takes a long time for the footage to import from the camera to the external hard drive, which it has to do before you can do anything with it. So just when I was thinking I would have the weekend to buckle down and get busy, I remembered that I won’t have any time then, either.

Tomorrow, my friend Katie is coming to hang out with me and Brandon after she goes to a bridal shower that afternoon. Hopefully I can get some editing done before she comes, because I don’t want to bore her to death by being on the computer while she’s there.

On Sunday, I’m going to my sister-in-law’s home town for a baby shower her mom is throwing for her, and I still haven’t gotten her a gift from either of her registries. I did order a custom-made onesie, but it’s not here yet. I have to get back to the city that night to film two scenes, starting at 7, with Becca and Ryan. They were going to be Saturday, but Becca has a bachelorette party to go to that night for her future sister-in-law.

Next Saturday, I am co-hosting my own shower for Jamie, with my aunt. I still need to buy some fun party favors and find a cool recipe to attempt to make. I think I will stick with baking cookies because those seem to give me the least trouble. Anyone got a cool cookie recipe? Bonus points if they can be colored pink.

I am getting more and more excited about the idea of the wrap party. I just want to keep expenses down, despite the potentially large number of people who may be coming. Last Thursday when we ordered lunch from Olive Garden, I used one of the gift cards a friend donated to the project. I still have an Applebee’s card she donated, so hopefully I can use that for the wrap party where she is likely to be with her boyfriend Stephan, one of my actors. I want her to be able to enjoy at least part of her donation. I’m also looking at different things I can make, and I have had a couple offers from actors to bring their signature dishes.

I have a few possible days picked, but I am leaning toward Friday, May 22 because one of my key actresses says she can’t make it May 15 or 16.


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