A Sunday evening in the park

Where did the weekend go? Holy crap.

Brandon and I got a lot done around the apartment Saturday before Katie came over. However, that meant I couldn’t edit much. Katie stayed until almost midnight, when Brandon and I drove her down to our old neighborhood so she could meet her friends at a bar. I rode with her in her car to help her find a parking spot on Hubbard, and Brandon followed us. The Short North was very alive, and I realized I very rarely see it that late at night. It was also Gallery Hop night, so that likely added to the scene. Katie invited us out with her friends, but Brandon and I were pretty low on funds after making multiple trips to Lowe’s and Target over the past week for apartment projects and necessities. In a way I wish we had accepted her offer, and I don’t like having regrets. Maybe next time… We are planning to visit her in Athens soon. I haven’t been to OU since Owen left there, and Katie’s going to be a senior in the fall. I suck.

While she waited for her friends to make the trek from Cambridge, Katie watched “Everything is Illuminated” with us after touring the new place and getting dinner at The Blue Danube. She had read a book by the same author who wrote the one the screenplay was adapted from, and I had never seen it, so we sat down for it. It was not at all what I thought it was about (you can’t judge a DVD by its cover… sometimes) and I was impressed. I recommend it.

On Sunday, I woke up and drove to Jamie’s mom’s house for her baby shower (#2 of 3). I didn’t know anyone besides Jamie, her mom, and her sister-in-law, but her family was welcoming and entertaining. My brother was there too, so I got to talk to him a little bit, which I didn’t expect. The occasion also gave me ideas for what to do for the shower this Saturday at my aunt’s. Jamie mentioned her dread about spending so much money on diapers in the near future, so I am going to make a “diaper cake.” Brittany made one for Leah’s shower last summer, and it was surprisingly tasteful, despite being constructed out of things a baby will later crap inside of. Also, reader Jessi gave me the most delicious-looking (pink!) recipe that I can’t wait to try out. I’m buying supplies on Friday.

A quick caffeine fix in between shots.

A quick caffeine fix in between takes

We filmed two scenes on Sunday night, and both were re-shoots. Poor Becca was running on three hours of sleep and showed up for filming after a 10-hour work day at the zoo. The tea mug in the picture seen here isn’t a prop– it was full of mint “perk-me-up” tea that Becca brought. We filmed the bathroom scene first because we needed Ryan to shave after it, before the park scene. We wanted him to use facial hair to discern the present day scenes from the flash backs, but we all forgot about it by the time we were filming in the park. If I’d known that was going to happen, I would have had us do the park scene first, because we lost daylight really fast once we were out there at 7:40 p.m. Hopefully it will look okay.

Becca found some dandelions

Becca found some dandelions

This was the scene we needed the stroller for (compliments of my former theatre professor in college, and her young son). When we first shot the scene on a ridiculously bad weather day in March, it involved me walking backwards holding the camera, trying to keep the two actors in frame while also not falling into the pond we were shooting next to. I also struggled to keep the camera dry from the rain, and Brandon ended up wrapping a plastic grocery bag around its vitals, poking a hole through the plastic to allow for the display screen to poke out.

When we went back and watched the footage, I knew it was unusable. It was shaky, raindrops splattered the frame, and you could see flowers around the pond, despite the scene being set in winter. Granted, it was cold enough to be winter that day…

My camera = my baby?

My camera = my baby?

So, take two, the setting was changed to April (much more believable) and the weather was much more forgiving. We nixed the pond, opting instead for a pretty sidewalk that bisected a particularly green part of Goodale Park. The stroller allowed for smoother movement, although the wheels didn’t like going backwards in a straight line. We ended up swiveling the camera around to film from the back of the stroller rather than the front, and I pulled the stroller toward myself so it moved more naturally. That was Ryan’s suggestion, and it helped. At the end of the scene, the stroller paid off even more with a nice, slow swivel effect that allowed me to follow the actors as they left the sidewalk and finished the scene sitting on a park bench. I also shot a take of the whole scene from behind them (this time pushing the stroller forward) and it looked pretty good. Hopefully the sound is okay on that one; Brandon had some trouble following them with the mic on that take, because it was easier for him (or the mic) to get in the frame.

Let me tell you, you will get some strange looks if you push a stroller around in the park, and there’s no baby in sight. Let alone if you’re carrying around a hockey stick.

Ryan and Becca have been a great leading screen couple. They are professional, and not shy. They make my job a lot easier.

Look at that on-camera chemistry

Look at that on-camera chemistry


One thought on “A Sunday evening in the park

  1. I’m excited to hear how the cake goes over, hint: use some gloves when you’re rolling the cake into balls. Your fingernails will be pinkish for days afterwards if you don’t. Also, a tip they didn’t have on the website; keep the cake in the freezer/fridge until you’re ready to coat in chocolate and then only take a couple at a time. I put sticks on mine to make them into cake pops and it made it easier – but that’s your call. There’s pics of them on my Facebook in mobile uploads.

    Also, let me know when your screening is, I would love to be able to come down and see your movie. I have been following it on here, so I want to see it even more knowing all of the inside stuff!!!

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