Baby crazy…?

It’s been a slow week for posting, but things have been happening none the less. Brandon and I had company Wednesday night when our college friends Jake and Abby came over. They stayed until around 11, and after they left, Brandon and I went in to check in on my pet mice. One of them had been looking a little sickly all week, and she was dragging one of her back feet behind her as if she had injured it. On Wednesday night, she appeared to be convulsing and throwing up. After a hasty google search that told us rodents are incapable of vomiting, I called a veterinary hot line to discuss.

The woman I spoke to confirmed that my mouse was definitely not throwing up, so that’s good, I guess. She did say it’s likely that she had a seizure, though. Did you know that it costs $95 to take a pet into a vet ER? And that’s just the start of it. Any diagnostics are extra. I was debating what to do/freaking out, when she suddenly stood up and starting walking around like nothing happened. She starting eating from the food dish and looked up at me and Brandon like, what?

I definitely thought she was going to die at any second, but she seems fine now, aside from the foot issue. Mice are usually pretty low-maintenance critters, but if there’s something wrong with her I want to know if it can be remedied. The mice care web sites were not too helpful. One of my actresses works at a local vet hospital, and even though they don’t treat mice, she was able to recommend somewhere that does.

In other business, I’ve been in full-swing with baby shower planning and preparations. In my kitchen sits a red velvet cake, and a slightly less delicious cake:



I was really happy to find a Pooh bear to place on top, since Jamie had a few Winnie the Pooh items on her gift registries. Unfortunately, Target only had “classic” Pooh, and this was the smallest bear they had. When I bought it I imagined the cake being a lot bigger, because the one Brittany made was ginormous. My cake topper is about as big as the actual cake, but oh well. He’s secured on there pretty well (famous last words):

That's a lot of diapers for one Pooh

That's a lot of diapers for one Pooh

Also, the custom onesie I designed came in the mail, just in time:





Pretty awesome. Hey, at least I didn’t get one that says, “I heart my aunt.” That’s what Christmas is for. I pretty much can’t wait for this kid to come out.

On the movie front, Sunday is the big day of filming. We’ve got five scenes, all the flash backs at Bridget’s house. I need extras. Like, really bad. I beseech you. Come be an extra Sunday and I will feed you. After that, there will only be The Scene That Will Not Die to film: a scene with Becca and Chenney that has yet to come together due to its involving three of the busiest women on the planet. Here’s hoping for next Wednesday or Thursday, per Chenney’s request and my increasing desperation to get it DONE.


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