I’m on deadline, just like the old days. It still sucks.

One thing I learned about myself when I was a journalist is that I work better when I have a deadline. At my current job, deadlines are given sometimes, but not always stuck to, so that has been hard to get used to. Now with the movie, I have set myself my own deadlines. I decided I would write a screenplay and finish it by Presidents’ Day. I decided to begin filming March 28 and finish in 6-8 weeks. I told myself I would have my film edited by June 15, and the trailer completed by the wrap party on May 22.

Well, May 22 is now this Friday, and once again, I have overbooked myself. We shot Jake’s 60-second ad last night, but I still have to edit it. I will be going to Cambridge for work tonight and staying at Dad’s house, so no editing is getting done tonight. I’ll have to do it tomorrow night, and then Jake is coming to our house Wednesday to upload the video along with his written application. So I’ll have a little extra time Tuesday night after working with his footage, and then Thursday night. Deadlines can really bite you in the butt, can’t they?

Luckily, I worked a few hours Saturday so I might get to leave work one afternoon this week. I need all the spare time I can get. I did a good deal of editing yesterday, but not as much as I had hoped. That’s partly because I slept in until nearly one. I hadn’t been feeling well so Brandon let me sleep, but when I woke up, it was as if half my day was already gone.

I didn’t get any work done on the web series idea either, but I think that’s a good thing. I need to finish the short film before I get too carried away with the next project. But the good news is, I’ve already had some express interest in being part of the series. Again, I can’t pay anyone, but it’s nice to know some people just want to act because they love it so much. They want to do as much as they can to get that experience, so it’s really a symbiotic relationship. I hope they can all go on to do bigger and better things than the hobby I produce in my backyard. No, literally, some of the web series scenes will be filmed in my backyard.

Since it worked so well with the movie, I’ll probably be posting lists of various materials, equipment and props that I will be needing along the way. And if you want in on the fun, you know what to do. There will be a lot of bit parts in this series, and the plan is to cast those once I have my principal actors signed on to the project.

Meanwhile, I still hate the name of my movie. “Red Cups” is lame, and it doesn’t mean much of anything. I am playing with the idea of a new name for the film: “Beacon Alley.” That’s the alley on the side of our old place on 4th. You might remember that I took a picture of the street sign outside our apartment from an upstairs window, and I mentioned how I’d always thought that was a cool name. Brandon’s suggested I go back to that sign and take a better one to use for promotion.

Speaking of promotional photos, I sent out an e-mail this morning asking my cast to come to the wrap party in costume so Brandon can take some promo shots. Because what fun is a party without some work involved? I’m cruel. Anyway, so feel free to throw out any badass movie poster poses/ideas. I’ve also told them to bring something to change into, because I’m sure they’re all sick of their own costumes by now.

On a final note, the movie premiere date is set for Sunday, July 12 at Studio 35 from 4:30-6 p.m. I’ve decided to start calling it a premiere instead of a screening, because it seems to be that a screening implies there will be film distributors and investors present, and that’s sadly not the case. Chenney is going to be sending out some PR material for me down the road, closer to the date of the show. If you’re reading this, I sure hope you’ll make it out. Special prize for whoever travels the furthest! Thanks for your support, whether you’ve voiced it or simply shown it by coming back to this blog.


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