Jake’s video and glee

Here’s the video I did for Jake over the weekend:

I just let the tape roll, and ended up using a mishmash of material. Fun to edit! You may notice I got to play around with the overlay effect, running one track of video over a different track of audio. Super easy to do, and makes for a nice variety in shots. I see this coming in handy especially in the creation of my web series. You “Arrested Development” fans may be able to envision some examples of this technique being used on that show, especially with that awesome narration.

In other TV news, I made a point to sit down and watch “Glee” last night after editing. It was a preview episode, and the show will air this fall. I haven’t heard of that happening too often, showing the pilot months before the show starts up, but it’s cool. The only downside is that now I have to wait a long time to see more of a show that I am pretty sure I’m going to love. If you click the above link, you can see an extended trailer for it, and it gives you a really good feel for the kind of show it is. I am already determined to download that electrifying version of “Don’t Stop Believing” from iTunes. The show is by the creator of “Nip/Tuck” and “Popular,” neither of which I watched, but I heard a really good interview with him on NPR Monday and decided to give it a shot. Bonus: that blonde woman who played the boss in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” is in it, and she’s killer.


3 thoughts on “Jake’s video and glee

  1. My hair’s different in the beginning and end, but realistically, some time went by with Jake outta the room, so it’s cool. 🙂

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