Cursing the light

Well, I guess I have some of you to thank; my trailer has gotten over 100 hits since I put it online Saturday morning, and I swear only like 15 of those were me. Editing continues as I get closer to my self-imposed deadline of June 15.

One of the unexpected results of posting my trailer has been people messaging and e-mailing me about my experience. There are people with ideas, and they want to get them out there. Some of you are writers, some of you have concepts, and some of you have notepads by your beds with hastily scrawled plots of dreams that you woke up from thinking would make a great scene in a movie. I love it, you guys. Keep sharing. I may not be able to help you make your movie right now, but I want to be a sounding board like some have been for me this year.

I have no idea how long my movie will be. As it is now, out of what I have edited, it is about nine minutes. That’s roughly ten scenes, out of 35. The thing is, we did so much unscripted stuff, particularly for the party scenes, and I love all of it. Editing down my writing my whole life has been hard enough; now I have to trim seconds and minutes, not words and phrases, from my craft. I have been able to lighten some of the darker footage shot, but it’s still not perfect. At least it’s now viewable. The lighting is not going to be consistent throughout, but as a result I have learned a lot about the aspect I thought of least when filming. Biggest lesson: Don’t trust the camera’s display screen. It LIES. Like a rug. Coincidentally, the scene I like the lighting best in was the one shot at my aunt and uncle’s house. Further research into the wattage of the bulbs in their living room must be undergone. Sorry, guys. Don’t mind us. We’re just performing some endurance tests on your table lamps.

I wish I was more of a perfectionist.

I am thinking about buying a better quality microphone for my next work. We’ll see what’s out there. This is what I have now. It was a $50 recommendation from Brandon’s dad, since unlike him, I’d never bought a mic before that wasn’t attached to a children’s kareoke machine. It’s okay, but I think the sound could be picked up better, and in stereo rather than mono.


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