No No No, I know

Due to sheer dumb luck, I am going to the sold-out Yeah Yeah Yeahs show tonight. Okay, I don’t know if it’s sold out for sure THIS time, but I DO know it sold out within hours of tickets going on sale last month. So, they changed venues to sell more tickets, and I can only assume this plan was a successful one.

Eileen called me last night and said her roommate Liz had an extra ticket to a concert tomorrow (today).

“What’s tomorrow? Thursday?”

“Yeah,” said Eileen.

“Sure. Wait, what’s the concert?”

“Well, they’re called the Yeah Yeah Yeahs…”


“Um, yeah? Yeah, yeah yeah. Ha ha.”

“Yes. I want to go. Oh my God.”

“Really? Okay, great, I’ll tell Liz.”

That is pretty much how it went down. I am breaking the rule of not listening to the band you are going to see the day of because, to be honest, I own four albums (courtesy of Mike) but I only know like four songs. I’m trying to give myself a crash course in “Yeah x 3” before 5 o’clock.


2 thoughts on “No No No, I know

  1. I love it how the picture you posted at the top. I’m the only one looking into space!
    Love the trailer.
    What’s the next project you’re working on?

  2. Thanks! I like that picture a lot. And who can tell where Lazarus is looking? lol.

    The next thing is the web series I mentioned at the cast party. There’s more about it here on the blog, although not a whole lot. I have drafts of two episodes written, including the pilot and they are being circulated amongst my various sounding boards/constructive criticizers. 🙂

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