One of the best shows I’ve ever seen

The concert last night was awesome. I long ago gave up trying to take pictures at concerts because they always turned out horribly, but since I had my camera in my bag anyway, I took a couple. I got in the habit of never being without a camera when I was a reporter, and it has been a very useful practice even after I left nine months ago.

The lead singer was pretty wild; she came out wearing a kimono, and then took it off to reveal this crazy, shiny gold shirt seen in the picture.



I also took a picture of me and Eileen, but it is not a very flattering shot of either of us, so I will keep that one buried in my iPhoto archive. Eileen said last night that she had never been to a concert that wasn’t a classical music performance or Simon and Garfunkel in 2003. This was a lot different from either of those, and it was outdoors. It rained really hard, cold drops for about a minute and a half as it was getting dark, and then I guess Mother Nature gave up trying to spoil our night because everyone just cheered when it started pouring anyway. Well, I didn’t, because I was too busy clutching my camera and hearing aids in my purse to keep them all dry.

Liz and her brother were a lot of fun to hang out with. Liz was the one who bought the tickets five minutes after they went on sale at 10 a.m. one Saturday morning earlier this month. She really likes their new album, and she got four tickets, not knowing for sure who would go with her.

“They went on sale at ten,” she said. “I rolled out of bed, I bought tickets.”

I did that once for Death Cab, although there was little chance they would sell as quickly as this show’s tickets went.

At the concert I saw two people I knew; Melissa from House Church was there, and on our way out after the show, I saw Jeremy, a kid from college, handing out CD101 stickers on the corner of Nationwide and Neil Avenue.

“Yeah, I don’t work for Clear Channel anymore,” he said to me almost apologetically.

“I don’t care!” I said. “CD101 rocks!”

Editor’s Guilt is starting to settle in, because I probably could have gotten a few scenes done last night had I stayed home instead of spontaneously going to the concert, but it was a great experience. Additionally, there will be no time to edit all weekend. I am going to a conference in the Toledo area tonight and staying there til Sunday morning.

At least I’ll get to do my laundry at the conference center. We really need to get a washer and dryer.


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