Two concerts in one week

Brandon won tickets to the Decemberists back in February, on Friday the 13th. He called in to CD101 because he knew I was really starting to get into the band, and it must have been his lucky day. We were so convinced we would forget all about the show, because he won them so early in advance.  CD101 wasn’t promoting the show as much as we thought they would, which we needed in order to be constantly reminded.

So, so tired...

So, so tired...

We remembered on Sunday night, when the band came up on my ipod. Phew. Of course, I forgot again yesterday, until around 2:30 when I started thinking about dinner plans. We ended up going to Spinelli’s (or at least I did – Brandon ate at Oodles of Noodles) and walked to the LC. Brandon didn’t get very good internet access on the ol’ Blackberry while we were waiting in line for the doors to open, so he occupied that half hour by taking pictures of me sitting on the hill along Neil Avenue.

I’d heard on CD101 on the way home (about time they made mention of it) that the band was going to play their new album in its entirety for their first set, and then come back out for set two to play older stuff. That’s just what they did. I am a fan of that format.

Not bad for a cell phone concert picture

Not bad for a cell phone concert picture

It was a really good show. I liked their set design, and the ladies’ costumes. It had a different kind of tone or feel to it than other shows I’ve seen.

At long last, editing resumes tonight. I plan on taking Friday off, since I worked over the weekend, and that day will involve some heavy-duty video editing, by God.


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