Updated concert list

Around this time last year I wrote a blog post about all the concerts I’ve ever seen, and I thought it was about time to update it. I’ve seen more concerts in the past 12 months than any other 12-month period. After this time, however, I am totally going to go backwards in chronological order, because it’s way too embarrassing for this list to always start out with Jewel and Creed.

  1. Jewel, in the Cleveland area at Blossom with my mom when I was in sixth grade
  2. Creed, Columbus, best friend and her mom, Schottenstein Center, eighth grade
  3. Weezer, Polaris, sophomore year with high school friend, summer 2002
  4. Blink 182 and No Doubt at Blossom, with same high school friend, summer 2004
  5. Ingram Hill in theatre in Detroit, with friend of the band, October 2004
  6. Guster, Ohio Wesleyan, with big group of college friends, April 2005
  7. Flogging Molly, Dublin Irish Festival, with college friends, 2005 & 2007 (also Seven Nations)
  8. Foo Fighters and Weezer, Cleveland, with high school friends, October 2005
  9. O.A.R., Better than Everfine fest, Cleveland, with old roommate, June 2006
  10. Les Claypool, Cleveland House of Blues, with college friends, May 2007
  11. Porcupine Tree, Cleveland House of Blues, with college friend, October 2007
  12. Death Cab for Cutie, Cleveland, with college friends, June 2008
  13. Death Cab for Cutie, Columbus at the LC, with Brandon, October 2008
  14. Yes, Columbus at the LC, with Brandon and my cousin, November 2008
  15. Keller Williams, Columbus at the Newport, with Brandon, December 2008
  16. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Columbus at the LC, with Eileen, Liz, and James, May 2009
  17. The Decemberists with Blind Pilot, Columbus at the LC, with Brandon, June 2009

On CD101.com I “purchased” two passes in the lounge to a premiere of “The Hangover” tonight at the Lennox. The passes haven’t shown up in my e-mail yet, although they said I’d get them by noon. Assuming they do, we’ll go see that tonight. It looks hysterical.

In “Beacon Alley” news, I imported the last of the footage. The computer now holds all. eight. hours. Dang. The stuff I uploaded last night looks good; what a relief. There wasn’t any more dark footage for me to smack my forehead over, so I’ve already seen the worst. I adjusted the lighting on the confrontation scene, the climax of the movie, but it’s still inconsistent between takes. Hopefully I will be able to even it out better once the rest is edited and I can focus specifically on correcting lighting.

This weekend my oldest cousin is graduating from high school. Even though he is only five years younger than me, this makes me feel like time is going by very quickly. Someone laughed when I told them I am 23 this morning.

“You weren’t even born yet when I was in high school,” she said. “You weren’t even a thought.”

It makes me sad to think that someday, I will be saying this to 23-year-olds, as I tell them a story about some defunct fast-food chain or retail store.


One thought on “Updated concert list

  1. It drives me crazy when people say those things! It’s like, “Hello, I’m still worthwhile even though I’m 23!” (I’m still 22.) I always appreciate when older people don’t have the ‘default’ reaction to my age! I’m rambling! Love the concert list!

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