“The Hangover” is a hilarious sausagefest

Seeing an advanced screening of “The Hangover” last night was an interesting experience. My first actual use of my CD101 lounge points was a success! However, the showing was not what I expected. I thought we would be in the company of movie reviewers taking notes and paying attention to which parts we all laughed most at. Well, the movie reviewers were there, or at least their sheets of paper reading “RESERVED FOR PRESS” taped to the prime seats in the joint were represented.

But so was a long line of stoners, one of whom told me he’d gotten a free pass at Hempfest, where they were just handing them out. Good thing we got there early. Knowing I could have gotten a pass for even more free than 1,000 lounge points made me feel a little less special, but the stoners’ presence added to the manchild movie’s fun atmosphere.

The movie was really, really funny. No, seriously. You’ve seen a lot of funny things in the ads, but you haven’t seen all of them. I must have laughed for a minute and a half straight during the scene early on when they all start to wake up the morning after. Ed Helms is pretty much the same character as Andy on “The Office,” complete with the singing, but he plays it just as well. I didn’t recognize the other main guys, but they all had good chemistry as a group. The soundtrack was not my favorite part, but that’s okay. It was hysterical. I will warn you, however, there is a lot of, um, male anatomy to be seen. And a really old butt. Just a heads up. Go see it when it comes out tomorrow.

After we got home, I did some more work on “Beacon Alley” and edited the dreaded park scene and also the final scene of the movie. I counted, and so far I have edited roughly 19 scenes (keep in mind that some “scenes” are a single line or two) and that being around half the total of 38 scenes, I suppose I’m about halfway through. And since it’s coming in now at around 15 minutes, my short film may actually be 30 like I’d hoped.

Because I worked last weekend at the conference, my boss is giving me tomorrow off. I plan on sleeping in for the first morning in nearly two weeks, and then I have a very specific list to tackle:

1) Get an oil change
2) Do laundry (We have no clothes)
3) Buy groceries (We have no food)
4) Take Brandon’s bike to get fixed along with mine
5) Edit outdoor scenes with the guys, and the rest of Tape 6; edit the Tape 3 stuff of Meredith prepping for party and everyone’s entrance.

I am meeting Eileen and a friend of hers for breakfast tomorrow (a late breakfast, I hope) and then tomorrow night I am hanging out with some ladies Jessie and I know. On Saturday, I have to cover a meeting at work and then I’m going to a brunch with Jessie. In the afternoon my family is having a cookout in honor of my cousin’s graduation, which is that night. What would an 18-year-old want for graduation? I remember getting a bunch of cash when I graduated, and I couldn’t even tell you where it went. When I got a second windfall for college graduation, it paid my rent for a couple months. What a difference four years makes.


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