I love Columbus

I had the best weekend ever. On my day off Friday, I woke up at 9:30 and walked to breakfast at Jack and Benny’s, where I met Eileen and her friend Margaret, who was visiting from Boston. We sat at the diner, discussing books (Margaret is in library school; Eileen and I are the daughters of librarians). After we ate, we went to a couple bookstores. Sometimes I forget how much I like looking at bookstore and libraries, and it’s good to have a reminder. There are books on every subject and in every genre, and there are more out there than you will ever have the time to read. But that just means you’ll never run out of possibilities. I picked up a few I thought looked interesting.

By the time we were done, it was already 2 p.m., so I didn’t exactly get my to-do list done, although I did wrap it up by yesterday afternoon. As I walked back from Eileen’s, I saw a bike store on High Street. It wasn’t the one I had planned on taking my bike to get fixed at, but it was close to the house. I stopped in and asked if they could take a look at it, and then I brought in on over. I went home an edited some of the movie, and the bike place called two hours later to say it was finished. I rode it back to the apartment, and even though I hadn’t ridden a bike in a very long time, it felt great.

That night, I went with Jessie and a couple of her friends to the Columbus Arts Festival. I didn’t go last year, so I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was going to be local artists, but there were only a couple booths even from Ohio. We had a good time walking around, and afterward we went to a bar near one of the girl’s houses. There, I got a phone call from Brandon, who told me one of my mice had died. The white one had a seizure recently after a couple weeks of looking strange, and she’d been pretty frail as of late. It’s probably for the best that she died, but it’s still hard for me because I get pretty attached to pets.

On Saturday, I woke up and went to a brunch hosted by another friend of Jessie’s. Frazzled over arriving late (stupid Henderson Road being torn up) I promptly locked my keys in my car. Brandon came with his spare set, and we left in separate cars for the cook out at my aunt’s. On the suggestion of the girls I was with Friday night, I bought my cousin a set of towels and a Target gift card for his high school graduation. It was Brandon’s idea to get him an umbrella, since he is going to college out in Washington. And I remember being very sad that I forgot to pack one for college the first time it poured that September. Plus, you can never have too many clean towels.

After the cookout, Brandon and I went for a short bike ride around our neighborhood. Brandon is surprisingly a lot more comfortable on a bike than I am, and he sped ahead of me the whole time. I think he liked being better than me at this venture. 😉 Then we went to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner, because I was craving the Magical Mystery Pizza. NEVER AGAIN. It was a mistake to go to Polaris on a day when I didn’t have to, and we had to wait for 35 minutes to be seated. It was worse than the Short North on Gallery Hop night. We went home and watched a few episodes of “The IT Crowd,” a BBC comedy, on instant Netflix, our new best friend.

On Sunday, Brandon woke up before me and made breakfast burritos. We had great weather all weekend, so I took advantage of it and planted the tomato and pepper plants I got at the family reunion last weekend. I have a feeling they will die really soon, because we have clay for soil in the backyard.

Brandon and I went to a pet store to get another mouse. Butterscotch, the surviving mouse, is unique in the sense that she is in mourning for the loss of her friend. In my experience, mice don’t seem to notice when one of their housemates dies, but Butterscotch has been sleeping in the spot where Brandon found the dead mouse Friday. She just lays there, looking depressed. She was interested when we placed the new mouse in the cage, but that wore off pretty soon and she is back to looking forlorn. The new mouse is black and white, and Brandon named her Cowbell. She is less interested in Butterscotch that Butterscotch was in her, but I hope they will get along.

I took my Robert Rodriguez book the the laundromat down the street and finished it while waiting for clothes to dry. For some reason, doing laundry is very peaceful to me. And it gives me a sad sense of accomplishment to know that all our clothes are clean, and I had to do very little to get them that way. I am a lazy American.

After I took the laundry back to the apartment where Brandon was doing homework for an online class he is taking with his dad, we walked to the Indian Kitchen for dinner. We thought the prices seemed a little expensive when we looked at the menu online, but it turns out they give you a lot of food. We both have leftovers for lunch. We sat in the front area of the second-floor restaurant, overlooking High Street. It was an image slightly marred by the ever-present construction there, but I know it will look better once they are done.

Sunday night, I edited even more of the movie. The rough cut is two scenes away from being finished. It is currently 27 minutes long, although that is without the final two scenes and all the little party gags I have tucked away to insert in between scenes as transitions and cutaways. But then, that is why they call it a rough cut. Soon I will be able to add music, adjust the volume where needed, and work on correcting the lighting.

One last thing I did last night was post an ad on Craiglist, a casting call for my leading actress for “Paper Cuts”:

I am beginning casting for a web series I will be filming this summer. Filming will take place on six Sundays in June, July and possibly August, dates TBA (depending on actors’ schedules). I am currently looking for a female lead, aged 18-28 who has good comedic timing. Brunette preferred. Background knowledge in the newspaper industry a plus, but certainly not required.

This web series will be placed on YouTube as a six-part sitcom about a reporter who gets laid off. Setting is Columbus.

I cannot pay, but I will feed cast and crew on shooting days. Please check back for future casting calls for smaller parts, as each “webisode” will involve different characters. Time commitment will be up to six Sundays this summer.


One thought on “I love Columbus

  1. I haven’t finished reading yet, but you missed out on an easy hitchhikers guide reference. One DEMERIT (sp?).

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