Casting is the hardest part

As it usually goes, I had four women say they would come audition yesterday, and only two followed through. This is hardly disappointing however, because as long as there is one person right for the role, it only means I’ll have fewer people to tell that they aren’t the one I’m choosing. Last night’s audition had the happy accident of bringing me two girls who are perfect – for two different roles. I e-mailed them this morning offering them the parts of Kelsey the reporter and her sister, Liz. Keep your fingers crossed. I think it might be a bit of a stretch for the two actresses to be sisters, but they were both so good.

After they left, I began writing episode four of the series, “The Birthday Party.” It has a good opening, but then I got distracted and didn’t finish it. As I am writing these scripts, I am getting a little worried about my budget for this show. For example, the wedding episode (my favorite so far) has a lot of potential, but I have a feeling creating a fake wedding could be nearly as expensive as an actual one, and that’s no good. I have a college friend and former fellow Muskie theater participant lined up to play the bride, but now I have to go find her a dress. I’ve got four men in tuxes scripted, and God knows I can’t afford that many rentals. I haven’t even thought about casting bridesmaids. I envisioned the fake wedding being filmed in my back yard under a tent, but that means I also have to rent a stupid tent. And chairs? Good Lord. It seems like it would be easier to crash someone else’s wedding than to finance my own pretend one.

For “The Birthday Party,” I am going to need to track down either a clown suit or a giant animal costume, a helium tank and some balloons. I smell a re-write already.

In other news, on Tuesday, I figured out how to lift audio from one scene and lay it underneath another to give some ambient sound where there wasn’t any. Now it’s starting to sound like a party. I also re-cut the flashbacks and I am much happier with them. They are still not perfect, but I took what I had to work with and did the best I could. As Robert Rodriguez says, when you are the one paying for it, you are more likely to solve problems creatively than by washing them away with a Hollywood money hose. And the end result will be better for it. I have also added music to the first ten minutes of the movie.

Last night I wrote a belated thank you note to the folks at Surly Girl Saloon, and invited them to the premiere next month. I should have sent them a note weeks ago, but I wanted to make it by hand and I never remembered to break out my scrapbook materials to do so. I finally did last night during an episode of “Wipeout,” a show I am almost ashamed to admit to watching, but holy crap, is it funny when those people get hit in the face by the punching wall.

My sister-in-law’s first baby is due tomorrow, so I will be sitting tight this weekend. Any moment now. They still haven’t said what they might name her. I can’t wait!


5 thoughts on “Casting is the hardest part

  1. Nah. The Wilmer Productions site isn’t for personal stuff, it’s more for information. This blog’s got the behind-the-scenes stuff!

  2. Ok so I vote for the clown costume for the bday party episode… Cause some of us have an irrational fear of CLOWNS!!! 🙂 but hey you’re the director lol

    • I had a frat brother who was afraid of clowns as well. He refused to work Halloweekends at Cedar Point when we did fundraisers.

      I myself have a fear of mayonaise and, to a lesser degree, ketchup (even the spellings are menacing).

  3. Ha! So that’s a no, huh? Well, I have an irrational fear of almost anyone in costume, so imagine how hard this is for meeeee! Yes, that includes Santa Claus.


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