Deadline day

Today is deadline day!

I told myself to finish the movie by June 15, and I finished the rough cut a week early. Of course, I am still adding music, trying my best to correct color, and adjust sound where needed. As I said before, there were two scenes that had no sound for whatever reason, and yesterday, two actors came over to do a voiceover for one of those. The other scene I have decided is probably not as necessary, so I will likely cut it rather than try to get the two actresses over to re-do the sound. The guys last night really impressed me with their voiceover work; I tried matching up their lines with the video myself, and was completely lost. They had me put the clip in slow motion so they could make a note of some of their own visual cues, and this helped significantly. I told them even if part of it didn’t quite match up, we have some optional video to lay over the main video track, so we will still hear their lines but see other action occurring. For those of you who end up seeing “Beacon Alley,” it’s the scene where Ryan and R.J. are in the kitchen, leaning against the stove.

I still can’t believe Robert Rodriguez filmed his video and audio separately and matched them up later.

This weekend, Brandon and I were good friends; we traveled far and near to visit three couples at their houses, two of whom are expecting babies in the next, say, five minutes or so. First, we went to see our friends Jake and Abby in Marysville. We stayed at their house that night, playing Phase 10 and Monopoly Deal, and on Saturday morning we went to eat breakfast at an Amish restaurant nearby. Brandon and I were alone most of Saturday at the apartment, watching “Arrested Development” off and on, before accepting an invitation to go to Dean and Rachael’s house. The four of us went to dinner at the Aladdin’s in Bexley, and then went back to the house to play another card game, called Munchkin Booty, ha ha. A very pregnant Rachael was in good spirits, and is due this Friday. We watched a couple episodes of “Extras,” since Dean hadn’t seen that show, and we left around 11.

On Sunday, Brandon and I woke up late; we’d watched “Now You Know” after we got home from D&R’s, and didn’t get to bed until 2 a.m. We made breakfast and I got the idea to call my brother to offer to come spend time with him and Jamie to try to get her mind off of the fact that their baby was now going on three days late. They accepted, and we brought over some movies, Wii games, and any other form of entertainment we could think of. We went for a walk around their neighborhood, since they say walking can help when you are about to have a baby. We went to eat at the Rusty Bucket in New Albany, and when we got back to their house, I fell asleep on their couch while the three of them played Mario Kart. You’d have thought I was the exhausted one, not Jamie. Not true. She, like Rachael, was in a pretty pleasant mood, considering her level of discomfort.

We did the voiceover that night when we got home, and it only took about 45 minutes. We were able to take the best parts of different audio clips, so it was very much like going through different takes of the same visual shot. I have decided, however, that my microphone is an absolute P.O.S. and I am in dire need of a new one. Hopefully that new one will come with a boom stick so we can retire the hockey stick to the closet of nostalgia. You know, the early days.

As I said before, I held auditions for the leading role of “Paper Cuts” last week. I e-mailed the two girls who tried out the following morning, and didn’t hear back from either of them for a couple days. On Friday, the girl I offered the part of Liz to said she had to regretfully decline, as she’d really had her sights set on the role of Kelsey. That ended up being okay though, because our friend Abby has agreed to take on the role. She’ll be really good in it too, because she can pull off the warmth, but also the practicality, of the character. As for the girl I had picked for playing Kelsey, I still hadn’t heard from her as of last night, so I called the cell phone number she’d included on her e-mail after the guys left. She said she was sorry she hadn’t gotten around to e-mailing me back, but she would love to do it. I told her I was relieved, because I got worried after I didn’t hear back from her. “Oh, sorry about that,” she said. “I was just, you know, hanging out with my friends a lot this week.”

She said she’d be available June 28, the date I’ve set to shoot episode one. I need a new mic before then. Tonight I am casting the extra parts for episode one, the boss at the newspaper and an arrogant high school student. I’ve actually talked to my oldest cousin about playing the student, and he is interested, although slightly concerned because my shooting day is also a day of Comfest.

This weekend, I have been invited to participate in the 48-hour film project in Cincinnati. I stumbled across this opportunity last week, when my friend Chenney mentioned she was doing it. I expressed my envy, and she said they still needed one more person to take time codes and watch for continuity, if I was interested. So, I am traveling there Friday after work, and meeting the crew that night. We will all gather together at 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning to make a short film in 48 hours. I seriously cannot wait. I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with one of the co-directors, and I admitted I have never taken time codes before, but that I will do as much research on the matter as I can to come prepared. Continuity is difficult to pay attention to when you are the writer/director/cinemetographer of your own film, but I think if that is going to be my main duty it may not be as hard. I will just have to take lots of pictures of the set throughout.


3 thoughts on “Deadline day

  1. Ok so how crazy is this! I will also be participating in the 48 hour film project this weekend! Haha I have been asked to act in the film of another production company. It just blows my mind that we will be trying to make an entire movie in just 2 days. Crazy. Btw thanks for the praise about the voice over, cause we just rock like that haha. I could definitely see us as the new Matt Damon/Ben Affleck lol making all kinds of movies together.

  2. Ps (lol) I really hope the voice over we did will be usable with the original scene we filmed cause it would be cool to know that we were ablr to fix it lol. Just hope it works out.

  3. You’re doing it, too?? That IS crazy! It is going to be so much fun. I’ve never done it before, obviously, but I’ve heard from people who have.

    And I am with you on the hopes for the voice over. Creatively solving problems is one of the most satisfying things about film making. Thanks for helping!

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