Bring on episode one

As of last night, I have all parts for episode one cast, as well as the four principle actors secured, for “Paper Cuts”. I don’t really think it will be difficult to film the episode in one day, even though there will be a couple set changes. Two of the characters are only in one scene each, and the other scenes will all be shot at my apartment and involve only the two sisters.

I have also decided to shoot episode two on Sunday, July 19. It is the job fair episode, and my plan is to rent out a church basement that already has long tables in it and shoot the job fair scene there. I will need lots of extras. Tentatively, I have set the wedding episode, episode three, to be shot the following Sunday. A friend has suggested I look for a wedding dress in various thrift stores and used clothing stores in the city. I got the measurements of my actress playing the bridezilla, so I guess I can start dress hunting at any time. That is one good cost-saving measure for that pricey episode. I hope all the guys I cast just happen to have matching suits so I can get out of renting formal wear.

I e-mailed my contact at Studio 35 this morning to make sure we are still on for July 12, and I asked him if he would be okay with me hanging up a couple promotional flyers at the theater once I’ve made them. He said to go ahead and e-mail him a PDF, and he will include it in the pre-show ads. Those, of course, are the ones you see on screen before the previews. Now I will have to go see plenty of movies there before the 12th, just so I can see my ad on the big screen. Smart plan, Studio 35. I still want one of those T-shirts.

I am planning on downloading a trial version of Adobe InDesign, much like a former co-worker did to design her own gorgeous wedding invitations, to make the flyer. Brandon’s high-resolution photos are about to come in handy. I will be posting the PDF on here, and on the Wilmer Productions site, once it’s completed.


2 thoughts on “Bring on episode one

  1. Depending on the size of your “Bridezilla” you are welcome to use my dress to film with. It’s just sitting in my closet since I never got around to having it preserved.

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