I’ve been thinking about some of the web series that have been recommended to me, after I requested them of friends for research. After all, I may really like “God, Inc.” but watching one series does not make you an expert. Dean, a friend from college, has taken quite well to the concept of web television. A while back he showed Brandon and me the now famous “Dr. Horrible,” a product of the 2007 writers’ strike. It was what Neil Patrick Harris and others did out of boredom, and they did it for cheap. Once the strike was over and they were able to make a profit from DVD sales and such, they made more than their investment back.

Dean also suggested “The Crew,” “The Guild,” and “The Legend of Neil.” Fellow Twitterer Andrew suggested “Yacht Rock,” which Dean agreed was a good choice. So far, my favorite is “The Guild,” which is about a group of online gamers– and written by a woman.

I have a lot more viewing to do.

Also, I am unsure of the timing of my series; how often do episodes get launched? How long are other series’s individual episodes? How many are in a season? These are the answers I am looking for. Another person has suggested I only start airing them once I am done or nearly done with all six episodes, and at that point, begin launching them weekly. A new episode every Wednesday at noon, for example. I think this is a good strategy, but it will mean I will have to sit on some finished episodes and resist the strong urge to get them online the moment each is completed.

Another factor in timing is what I have mentioned before– the inadvertent competition. The major networks and I had the same brain child around the same time, and possibly others have since: making a sitcom about a crappy economy. Three such shows will debut this fall, and I want to be first. With episode three being tentatively scheduled for the last weekend in July, that means I better be able to crank out the remaining three in August, or at the very least, be prepared to launch episode one by August 1. These are my own deadlines and goals of course, but sticking to deadlines has worked out alright for me so far in film making. Well, for the most part, anyway.

Thoughts? Any other favorite web series I should be tracking?


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