Learning to say no

I’ve had to make a lot of tough choices in the past couple of weeks, and yesterday, it really dawned on me that I would find myself in fewer sticky situations if I just had a spine and was able to tell someone, no, I can’t make it to (blank) because I have already agreed to do (blank), or, no, I will not be able to help you with (blank) because I am already helping eight other people with (blank) (blank) (blankity blank blank blank). Yesterday was yet another example of this hectic trend.

So, this is the new me. I’m not going to do what you ask me to.

That said, I am not going to the screening of “The Tiger’s Tale” in Cincinnati because my dad already said he is coming to Columbus for Comfest that day. Do I really want to go to Comfest? Not particularly. I’ve realized in the last several years that I am not a big festival person. Anyway. But my dad likes it, and he wants me to go with him, and I already said I would. Even if we did get rained down on for a half hour straight last year.

But family time aside, I would be a crazy person (okay, more of a crazy person) to leave town this Saturday when I am slated to film episode one on Sunday. I sent out the schedule to my four actors last night, and we will be filming from 9:30-3:30 that day. I felt more confident scheduling this episode than I felt scheduling scenes for different days for “Beacon Alley” from March until May. This is a one-day job, and if my plan works, it’s going to result in two halves of an episode I can air separately. Nice.

I have no idea when I’m going to film the remaining episodes. In case you didn’t notice, weekends fill up pretty quickly in the summer time. I am considering asking my actors to film episode two on Saturday, July 11. The day before “Beacon Alley” premieres. I know. I am a big ol’ bucket of crazy. But if I don’t do it then, it might not get done for another few weeks, and I’ve got four episodes to shoot after it.

I placed a couple calls with Methodist churches around my neighborhood (there’s a lot!) and actually got to talk to someone at one of them. Whoever I talked to was very confused about what I needed the space for when I explained the premise of episode two to him.

“So there’s going to be a job fair?” he asked.

“Yes, but not a real one,” I said. “It’s… it’s not really going to be a  job fair. Two actors are going to come to it, but the actual people playing the characters aren’t looking for a job.”

“Well, I certainly don’t understand that, but alright.”

I suppose I could have explained that a little more clearly. It turned out he couldn’t let me come in on a Saturday OR a Sunday, so it didn’t work out.

So, assuming I can find a church basement to rent, or some other space that comes with a few long tables, I am going to make myself get everything I need done for the premiere completed by Thursday, July 9 so I can rest assured it’s going to be okay. This will involve:

  1. Final touches to the completed film
  2. Finishing the blooper reel
  3. Making a whole bunch of DVD copies to give cast and crew

I also wanted to get an extended trailer online by this Friday, but I make no promises. That’s right. I’m not saying yes to everything anymore. I’m saying… maybe. So take that.


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