Behold! I have created… light

After talking to Jim, who provided a lot of the crew’s equipment in Cincinnati, I felt inspired by his low-budget techniques for lighting. He told me he got his two large yellow lights at a yard sale, but that I could find my own at Lowe’s. He said his were old and a little unsafe. “Yeah. These lights set things on fire,” he said.

So, I went to Lowe’s last night in persuit of my own inexpensive set of flood lights, and found these babies:

1,000 watts of blinding white light

1,000 watts of blinding white light

They didn’t just show up like this; they came deconstructed in a cardboard box. That’s right. I put these together while Brandon was at game night with the guys. I assembled them on my own, and used a screwdriver and everything. It was a phillip’s head, mind you. Yeah. I AM aware there are different types. Wait, that’s the cross-head one, right?

Of course, I couldn’t figure out how to install the bulbs. Or how to turn the lights on. But I probably would have worked it out eventually if I hadn’t gotten frustrated and given up.

These aren’t exactly the same as Jim’s; with his, you had the option to turn one or both on. With mine, the whole unit turns on when you plug it in. Plus, his were yellow and therefore cooler. However, mine can be lifted or lowered on the tripod they sit on, so that’s kind of nice. Brandon told me I have to resist the urge to cover up one of the two lights if I want less lighting on a subject, because whatever I set over top of it will probably catch on fire, as Jim warned.

Filming starts Sunday morning. I can’t wait.

Last night I did the final touches on the movie (I say ‘final,’ but it’s entirely likely I will go back to it and change something) and I also typed in all the credits. It’s at almost exactly 31 minutes with credits. I included a brief dedication at the end.

Why can’t my hobby be the way I make a living? Talking lately to people who have taken the plunge and made their dream job happen, I realize how timid I am.


2 thoughts on “Behold! I have created… light

  1. those babies will light up your whole world!

    as a warning, they WILL catch whatever you put on of near them on fire. oh, and the roasting bugs smell gross! 😀

    another tip we learned? if you touch the actual lightbulb while installing them, the oil on your skin will create a “hot spot,” and the light will burn out twice as fast.

    good times!

    by they way, you totally CAN make your dream job happen. slow and steady wins the race, or so i’ve been told.

  2. That definitely explains why Brandon coated the bulbs with rubbing alcohol before installing them…

    Can’t wait for the bug barbecue.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I just have to convince my employer to designate me Official Video Person and I’ll be set, right?

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