Pinnacle tech support = useless

It’s been a busy week, so I haven’t had a lot of time to talk about how filming Sunday went. I’ll try to keep this as the short version: 8:30 a.m., wake up in a panic. Neither Abby nor Taylor had e-mailed me back to confirm they’d be coming. I knew Abby would have to be hospitalized, unconscious, abducted or all of the above to not show up without calling, but I don’t know Taylor well at all, and she was in every scene. 8:31, check e-mail. Both Abby and Taylor have

Taylor, who plays Kelsey

Taylor, who plays Kelsey

e-mailed in the affirmative. WHEW. Made breakfast on the fly, consisting of baked cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit. Okay, this is clearly not the short version if I am bragging about the breakfast I made.

We filmed the first three scheduled scenes at the apartment. We got started late, but we ended earlier than scheduled. Our apartment was boiling, but the actors didn’t even complain about the flood lights frying them. We took an hour and a half for lunch. Taylor went home to rehearse, and Brandon, Jake, Abby and I went out to lunch together. They left from the restaurant since Abby’s scenes were done, and Brandon and I picked up Taylor, who lives a few blocks from us. We drove to my office to shoot the scene where Kelsey/Taylor’s boss tells her she’s being laid off and met Dwight, the Boss, there. I went inside only to discover that my actual boss was in working on a Sunday. I realized she was probably freaking out about state budget stuff and most likely feeling very stressed out. Also, while I didn’t feel like I needed permission to film in my own office, I certainly hadn’t told anyone I was planning to do so. I wasn’t sure how the sudden arrival of a film crew would go over. So, I called my uncle, who was

Abby and a depressed-looking Taylor

Abby and a depressed-looking Taylor

expecting us at 3 for our final scene of the day, and asked if we could, uh, come early and film an additional scene at their house. He obliged, thank God, and to be honest, I liked his home office setting better. Since my uncle was a journalist for so long, he had an office that looked the part, complete with journalism awards lining the walls. And another bonus is, it turns out I really like the way I rearranged my office furniture for the scene. I’ve gotten many compliments on it.

After the office scene, we shot the final one which featured my cousin Paul as the obnoxious high school student. I’d asked him not to wear his favorite Evergreen shirt, since his character, unlike him, may not really be college-bound. He did well, and he and Taylor actually had a lot to talk about, because she attended Antioch College at the time that it closed. She now goes to Dennison, and she goes back August 21. There’s a deadline right there.

Everyone did so well. I am very happy Abby agreed to take on a large role, and she is perfect for the character. She said she had a great time Sunday, so hopefully this will go smoothly for all involved.

Speaking of things going smoothly, I am having some major technical difficulties with Pinnacle. The movie is fine, thank God, but I have been unable to finish the blooper reel or start episode one of “Paper Cuts” because of this weird thing the program keeps doing. It’s hard to describe, but every time I try to use a clip, when I click and drag it, it pulls along a second or two of audio from the previous clip along with it, messing up the sync of the audio track. It’s inexplicable. I called tech support last night, and the man told me to un-install and re-install the program and it should be fixed. I could tell he had no clue what I was saying was wrong, and I suspect this boot-and-reboot solution is their standard fall back. I tried as he said (or rather, Brandon did) and it didn’t fix the problem. I’ve sent in an online query and hopefully someone will be able to help me immediately, because I want those two things done in time for the premiere.

The new mic... which still needs a battery

The new mic... which still needs a battery

On the plus side, when I imported the 24 minutes of footage for episode one, I could tell right away that the lighting is a vast improvement from the short film. If only I knew then what I know now, but alas. Also, I ordered a new mic. It didn’t get here in time for episode one, so we just used the internal camera mic. Sadly, it was better than the external one I’d been using. I sincerely hope this doesn’t break the hearts of my readers who were involved with “Beacon Alley.” We live, we learn.

On the “Beacon Alley” front, I’ve gotten a little bit of advertising going this week. Earlier in the week I registered with Columbus Underground on my uncle’s suggestion, and posted some information about the premiere. I got a couple comments on it, and yesterday, the CU twitter feed made specific mention of it. I did my first “RT” on Twitter for the occasion. Also, Studio 35 has my movie flier on its web site now. Because I sent them a horizontal flier it’s a little squished on there, but I sent them a vertical one this morning so maybe they will switch it out. If not, that’s okay, I am excited to see it on there at all. Chenney has been extremely busy since I left her in Cincinnati, and hasn’t been able to send a press release to The Other Paper or Alive as planned, but I am not sure what that would have done, anyway. Those guys probably get bombarded by amateur filmmakers every week.

Speaking of Chenney, she e-mailed me this morning about another topic. I’ve been invited to participate in the next project by Plum St. Productions. I must not have done so horribly. I did get a couple nice notes from people I worked with, thanking me for my help. It’s very flattering. However, the timeline they have for their next project is the last two weeks of August. I have a convention for work that will be the first of those weeks, and the weekend after I have a family picnic. So sad… Of course, the convention is actually at a center less than a block from Brian’s apartment in Cincy, so at the very least I hope I can run across the street to say hello to the cast and crew at some point that week.

This weekend, I will get no film work done, because Brandon is whisking me off to Knoxville for an extremely relaxing weekend– no filmmaking allowed. We will shop, we will eat picnic fare, we will spend time with his family and dogs. I can’t wait. We’ll come back Sunday night just in time to have dinner with Eileen and her new boyfriend, who is visiting from California for the holiday weekend. They met at a wedding of a mutual friend last month, and it’s been quite the whirlwind romance. She’s going to kill me if she ever checks my blog again. In any event, I look forward to meeting him.


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