Happy Fourth! I am in Knoxville with Brandon and his family. Brandon’s mom is an awesome cook, and right now we’re waiting on some other family members to come on over so we can grill four different kinds of meat and an aluminum bag full of marinated veggies. Good times.

I took a nap in a hammock yesterday. We had a hammock growing up, a giant one strung between two trees. When I was little we had a babysitter who sat on the hammock with me and Owen once, and we got that thing swinging. Unfortunately, one side of the hammock fell off its tree, and the whole thing collapsed. I bit my tongue harder than I ever have before, and to this day, I grit my teeth when expecting a sudden drop or collision, be it a car wreck or a dangerous-looking swing set, to avoid the same thing happening.

I love summertime. And it’s so relaxing here.


One thought on “Knoxville

  1. Yay for Tennessee! (Ask Jessie to tell you her favorite TN joke – hahaha!)

    I was just down in the Knoxville area a week before you. All my extended family lives around there. It is a great area and, you’re right, very relaxing! 🙂

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