Paper Cuts update

Even though I filmed “Paper Cuts” over a week ago, I didn’t get the chance to edit what we shot until Monday night. My technical issue with Pinnacle has not been resolved yet, so I switched over to iMovie for this first episode in order to get it done in time for Sunday. I didn’t want to make any promises, but I now plan on showing parts one and two of the first filmed scripted episode at the premiere at Studio 35.

I edited part one Monday night and part two on Tuesday night. I  found some really awesome royalty-free music for the intro and the credits from this site that Brian of Plum St. told me about. A very useful resource. You’re allowed to use it as long as you give credit to the site’s owner and composer.

Things are getting a little bit terrifying, as Brandon’s computer had a bit of a meltdown Sunday night. He seems to have fixed things, but now there is very little hope of completing the blooper reel in time for the premiere. That’s really disappointing, because I’ve had all this time to do it and for the last couple weeks I haven’t been able to. But, the plus side is, the two episodes will take up some of my hour and a half block of theatre rental time. I do know some of the actors will be disappointed about the blooper reel thing. I guess I can promise to eventually put it online down the road.

However, since Brandon’s computer freaked out and it took a couple days to sort out, I don’t have the DVD copies burned yet. Or even one DVD copy to show at the premiere. I am doing that tonight, making a master DVD, and then making 20 or so copies from that for cast and crew.

I am having some mixed feelings about the premiere. Mostly, I am proud that I was able to do this, and actually finish the thing instead of get frustrated and abandon it, but I am also feeling a little regret. I could have done it better if I could do it all over again. Robert Rodriquez would say this whenever asked to speak before any showing of “El Mariachi” he was invited to, but c’mon, that movie was awesome for a first attempt. He set the bar too high. I can only hope the people who see it will be forgiving of my mistakes. At least I have no one to blame but myself for the faults I find in it. I will say though, I watched part of a lower-quality version of it, and instead of making me wince, it actually cheered me up a little. Maybe it’s not so bad. I’m not sure anymore, I’ve been staring at it for months.

As far as “Paper Cuts” goes, I am having a little trouble securing a filming location for the job fair scene in episode two. I’ve been turned down by two churches now, but the second one took nearly a week to get back to me to tell me no, wasting valuable time. I know I mentioned the possibility of filming episode two the same weekend as the premiere, but that was before everything technical that I touched fell apart, so the new date is Sunday, July 19. I placed a call to Cup O’ Joe’s main offices, and a man named Mark is supposed to call me back to let me know if I can come into the Clintonville location that evening or not. They were refreshingly quick to understand my request, so I am guessing they are used to such calls.

I am considering filming part of episode three that day as well, like the less complicated dialogue scenes set in the apartment. Since the wedding scene is going to be a very involved affair and I will probably not be able to film much else that day, what with putting up a tent, getting everyone costumed, and essentially throwing a pretend wedding. On the day of a real wedding, you don’t also cram in the rehearsal, bachelorette party, and bridal shower, do you? This anaology is making little sense to me either, so don’t worry.

I am really happy with the first two episodes of the web series. My only complaint is the sound, but now that I have the new mic, I might be able to do something more to fix that. If anything, I just need to use tighter framing from now on and make sure the camera is as physically close to the actor speaking as possible.

Speaking of the microphone, I got out of habit of posting all my expenses here on the blog. The last couple days of filming for “Beacon Alley” were nearly expense-free, aside from food. I am going to start anew, and blog all my expenses toward “Paper Cuts,” starting with the equipment I purchased prior to filming.


Flood lights, $30

Microphone, $135 (a serious upgrade from the original, I hope)

Breakfast for first day of filming June 28, $10

Also, I discovered someone on Twitter who posts links to video contest entries from all over the web. You may remember I did a couple contest entries for friends recently. They were both really quick and simple to do, and good experiences. Most of the contests call for 60 second-to-three minute videos on a certain topic or theme. One that caught my eye is a call for video entries about people with disabilities in the work force. Can I use my hearing aids to my advantage for 60 seconds and talk all about how tolerant my work place is of my disability? Having never considered hearing aids a disability to begin with, it would not be entirely honest and quite possibly unbearable for me to watch, but if it wins me a $1,500 Best Buy gift card, I am listening. Ha, ha. And that’s not the only one, of course; there’s apparently tons of them, many with cash prizes. Is it selling out if I enter these in order to fund future projects? It’s very tempting…


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