The curtains closed

This is going to be corny.

Yesterday was flippin amazing. Over 50 people came to a theater to see a movie I made on a whim. Among my guests at Studio 35 were my new Plum St. Productions friends, my aunt and uncle’s family, my “Auntie Pam” (an old college friend of Mom and Dad’s), my uncle Alan, two former SNP-ers, a former professor from Muskingum, my brother and sister-in-law, and lots of friends. Not to mention the cast, and two of the guys brought some family with them.

There were even the rare few there who must have shown up just because the theater had advertised a free movie. That was pretty cool.

More pictures will be added soon, but for now, here’s one Brandon took on Saturday, when it was pouring outside:

It was a dark and stormy day

It was a dark and stormy day

John’s performance went well, although I sadly underestimated his need to sound equipment. I have decided the next aspect of this whole thing I need to focus on is sound. My biggest complaint with “Beacon Alley” was the audio. And why, WHY was the music so loud? It sure didn’t sound that off balance when I was sitting there editing, wearing headphones. Whew. Anyway.

There was another glitch yesterday that I didn’t foresee; by my own accidental directions to the man working the projection room at Studio 35 for the event, my audience got to see episode two of “Paper Cuts.” Twice. Whoops. At least it was only three minutes long. My dad said that may have been a good thing though, because people picked up on a couple jokes a little easier the second time around. Hey, it’s kind of like when you watch “Arrested Development” for a second time and notice more funny stuff, right? Okay, not quite. Maybe someday.

I had to give a little speech before the thing started after John played, because he needed a few minutes to tear down his stuff. I have no idea what I said, but I think it was something about making movies with Owen when we were little, and the process through which “Beacon Alley” was made: writing in January and February, casting in March, production until May, editing in June. Anyway, I am just glad I remembered to thank people, especially Becca and Brandon. Becca couldn’t make it because she had to work, but she is coming over Thursday for a screening all her own. And tonight, an old college friend is coming over for dinner and a movie since she couldn’t make it yesterday.

I told one of the people who came yesterday that I had set myself a series of arbitrary deadlines, and that seemed to have worked out alright. I need to get more on task with “Paper Cuts,” because I’ve got four more scripts to film and only one and a half of them are getting done Sunday. It’s already half-way through July, oh my God.

Not everyone I’d hoped would come were able to make it, but there were also a lot of people I didn’t know were coming there. There is nothing better than to feel supported is what you love to do. I hope I can keep learning and get better at filmmaking and have a lot of projects to be proud of before I’m done. I’m full of ideas, and Brian asked me yesterday what I’ll do after the web series. I can tell you I have two feature-length screenplay ideas mapped out in my head, and the plan is to write one or both of them this winter in lieu of filming. Neither are likely to be made on my own, since one takes place within a hotel and the other on a college campus, so the plan is to try to sell them. As I’ve told my new screenwriter friend in L.A., I have absolutely no idea how to sell a screenplay, but I guess that’s something I’ll be researching this winter.

Thanks to my family for coming out yesterday. I surely thought you’d all think my making a movie was incredibly stupid, and I clearly underestimated you. And a couple people, including my dad, asked me yesterday what my dedication at the very end of the movie said, since it wasn’t on screen long enough. It said simply:

“This film is dedicated to my parents. To my mom, who didn’t live to see this particular dream realized, and to my dad, who cheered twice as hard to make up for it.

With love, Meryl”


4 thoughts on “The curtains closed

  1. I loved everything about the movie and the whole event Sunday. (We had a nice time at dinner after the movie with your dad and Pam.) The dedication was beautifully written and very moving.

  2. I wish I could’ve made it! I forgot that I had committed to babysit/house sit for 4 days starting on Sunday. I am glad it all went well – I want to see it sometime!

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