Help a slacker out

So, filming for “The Job Fair” episode of Paper Cuts is on Sunday. Guess who’s not ready for it? This lady.

We’re shooting several scenes at the apartment, so those won’t be any trouble. However, I was unable to secure a location for the job fair scene. Eventually, I decided to film the scene in our basement, which will have the effect of making this look like the most depressing job fair in history. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing. However, I still need some longish tables decorated with fake companies’ banners and such down there, so it looks like that’s what I’ll be doing Saturday afternoon. So, in these efforts, I have to ask:

1) Does anyone have any folding tables and/or card tables I could borrow this Sunday?

2) Do you have any funny fake company names to suggest for said banners? Brandon inadvertantly suggested Fingerhut & Featherbottom, ltd. yesterday.

The other wall I’ve run into with this script is the coffee shop scene between the main character and the potential love interest being introduced in this script. Truth be told, I had my heart set on the Cup O’ Joe in Clintonville (those beautiful, large windows!) but Mark the Scheduler from the main Co’J office has yet to return any of the three messages I’ve left for him in the past week. Curses, Mark! I called Kafe Karouac on my lunch break, but the person who answered hung up on me after telling me there was no manager there today. Somehow I didn’t believe him. I may walk over there this evening. Also, I was told to call back at Cafe Apropos between 4 and 5 today when the person I need to talk to will be in.

I really can’t fake a coffee shop setting in my apartment, as sad as that makes me.

Happy late birthday to Jessie, with whom we celebrated last night after seeing “Moon.” Speaking of which, “Moon” was a very strange movie. I felt extremely anxious for it to be over from almost the moment it began, but not because it was bad; it was just suspenseful the entire time, and I was desperate to know if it was going to have a pleasant ending or not. I won’t say more, other than this: I underestimated that robot voiced by Kevin Spacey.


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