Recap of “Paper Cuts” Day Two

We shot one and a half scripts on Sunday, and God willing, we will finish this Sunday and the result will be four more webisodes. I say God willing, because I just got an e-mail from Taylor, who plays Kelsey the Reporter, saying she may or may not have tonsillitis.

She had a sore throat this past weekend, although she was still able to deliver her lines excellently, with the help of the tea and honey she drank throughout the day. Anyway, script two is completed, and all but one scene of script three is as well. The final scene was intended to be the wedding scene, but due to budget issues (read: I can’t afford it) I am re-writing the episode to center around a wedding REHEARSAL, rather than a wedding. Less dramatic, maybe, but I can’t pay for all the stuff I wanted to make it look like a convincing wedding scene.

Sunday’s filming went really well; as it so often goes, we got started late, but still managed to wrap the morning scenes on time. All of these took place at the apartment, and there was more involvement with RJ’s character Andy, who is married to Liz, Kelsey’s sister. We took a two-hour break for lunch, during which Abby and Jake helped me make the fake company signs for the fake job fair. It was all around a fake success. Two out of three extras showed up, which I consider a good turn out from Craigslist. Caryn (who played a part in “Beacon Alley”) was great as the enthusiastic job fair attendant, and newcomer Renee, a friend of Dwight (the boss, from episode one) did well as the less positive representative from an unhappy company. We decorated our creepy basement with tables and colorful plastic table covers, bright signs and fake handouts. The extras let us strangers lead them downstairs to the dungeon with alarmingly little protest or hesitation.

After the job fair scene, we headed out for the coffee shop. Yes, the Clintonville Cup O’ Joe got back to me Friday night, and it turns out Mark the Scheduler had e-mailed them to tell them to call me after all. Thanks, Mark! We were there less than an hour but we got what we needed. Brandon made his acting debut, and he did really well. I was surprised when he expressed an interest to play a recurring character, but I am glad he wanted to.

Expenses for Day Two of “Paper Cuts” production:

Box of donuts (for both feeding cast in the morning AND leaving an empty box to be used as a prop at the job fair): $5 and some change

Milk and juice, breakfast expenses: $7

Materials for decorating job fair: $25

Coffee drinks for three at Cup O’ Joe, plus tip: $14


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