Brandon and I are flying out to Colorado to see our friends Doug and Chandra in September. Long time readers may remember them as the couple who let me live in their attic for four months when I first moved to Columbus for my first job. Brandon and I got approved for vacation time last week, and air fare is relatively inexpensive right now for two months in advance. We’ll get there late on a Wednesday night and stay there until Monday morning. Then Brandon will fly back to Columbus, and I will fly out to California to visit an old family friend.

Before I started at SNP and before I moved into the attic on Dennison, I graduated from college. As a graduation gift, my dad bought me plane tickets to go see Jeanne out in San Francisco since we sort of thought it would take a while for me to find a job. The economy was *just* starting to really suck. Alas, I got hired a week out of college and my start date was days before my trip. So, I didn’t get to see California, or Jeanne, or anything but a tour of two Columbus suburbs I would go on to cover for the next nine months. At the time, I was a combination of feeling grateful for employment (in my field, no less!) and bitter that I was somehow cheated out of my free month on the couch between college and “real life” I felt entitled to.

Now, more than a year and  a half later, I have never taken that vacation, or any vacation. So I am pretty excited at the prospect of a week and a half of traveling, when until now, my travels have been limited to three-day weekends, and more often than not, with Knoxville as the destination. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to Tennessee, but it will be nice to finally see Jeanne. And it’s so weird to realize that I haven’t seen Doug and Chandra in over a year.

On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to post some of the pictures Brandon took during filming Sunday:

A production still of... THE KITCHEN SCENE

A production still of... THE KITCHEN SCENE

On set, in our apartment

On set, in our apartment

We forgot to bring the camera to the coffee shop. A side note about the Cup O’ Joe experience: on Friday, Brandon and I went with my parents’ old friend Pam to see the new Harry Potter movie. We went to the Cup O’ Joe on Olentangy, where I listened to the message from the Clintonville store manager, telling me I had permission to film. I excitedly told Pam this, and about how I wasn’t sure that location was going to go through before, since they hadn’t called me back.

“Well, did they go to the ‘Beacon Alley’ premiere?” she asked.

“No,” I said. “Why?”

“Because, if they had seen the free advertising you gave them, that might have helped grease the wheels a little,” she said.

Some readers may recall that Melissa, the woman who played Bridget, didn’t want to smoke on camera in one scene. Instead of her smoking as scripted, we had her drinking a beverage from Cup O’ Joe, and the way she ended up holding the cup, it is very clear where it came from. I suspect her previous commercial work may have prompted this? Anyway. Har, har. Product placement!

And finally: I have added some photos from the premiere to the Wilmer Productions blog. Again, I am trying hard not to post the same content on this blog and that one, so go take a look there if you like.


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