Panic mode

Even though we are only filming one scene Sunday, I am once again ill prepared. I caught a few lucky breaks last weekend, but I am screwed this time.

I was relieved when Taylor e-mailed me yesterday to say she was starting to feel better, and that we should go ahead and film our final Script Three scene after all, the wedding rehearsal scene. That is, until I realized I’d been kind of operating under the assumption we wouldn’t be filming, so I hadn’t been working too hard toward making it happen. Whoops.

So now I am short on actors, and my hasty Craigslist ad yesterday didn’t pull the usual crowd. My actor friend Amanda from college was going to play the bridezilla, and she was actually, along with RJ, one of the first people cast in the whole series. However, judging from Amanda’s recent facebook activity, which seems to indicate a nasty break up with her long time boyfriend, and the fact that I haven’t heard from her all week, leads me to believe she is hardly in the mood to be at the center of a fake wedding this weekend.

As a result, I am sans one bridezilla. She would have been perfect for it, too. She is extremely talented.

I also need a mother of the bride (she’s got lines) and a father of the bride (who doesn’t speak). Unfortunately, I don’t know any adults (I still don’t quite consider myself an ADULT, I guess) that I would feel comfortable asking. I was hoping there would be some actors on Craigslist who aren’t in their 20s, but I guess not. The only way I can think of to lure last-minute actors is to offer payment, but that’s just not fair to everyone else in the show, who work very hard for no pay.

So, I am trying to brainstorm solutions to these problems while not freaking out completely.

In other news, Brandon and I bought plane tickets last night. I will be with him in Colorado from Sept. 17 until the 21st, and then he’ll fly back to Columbus and I’ll go on to San Fransisco. I’ll be there until I fly back on the 27th. If I was old enough to rent a car I would consider doing that to see a bit more of California, but I’m not 25. And it turns out everything in California is a lot farther away than I thought.

I am launching episode one of “Paper Cuts” today, since I’ve got one episode in the can and after Sunday (hopefully) I’ll have four more completely filmed. I’ve already got material for three more taped, but not edited, so I figure it’s safe to start launching them weekly now. Since you’ve likely already seen the pilot on this blog, it’s not that exciting, but I will be launching them every Friday on the Wilmer Productions site from now on. They’ll also be on facebook. I’m excited to get to share this finally. Despite loading it onto YouTube quietly up until now, it’s already got over 160 hits.


One thought on “Panic mode

  1. You can rent a car if you’re under 25, as long as you’re at least 21…and you have to pay a fee per day – I don’t remember how much though.

    What’s in San Fran? Kevin and I were there when we visited my dad (he lives in Clearlake Oaks…almost 3 hrs north of SF) and we took a San Fran bus tour AND a tour of Alcatraz. The Alcatraz tour was SOOOO cool – I suggest doing it. It’s not too bad price wise either.

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