A surprise success

Despite positively flying by the seat of my pants yesterday, I managed to film a wedding rehearsal scene. And it was pretty funny.

My stress level from Friday pretty much doubled Saturday after no one responded to my Craigslist call for a mother of the bride type. At last, one person did respond, a woman who was an extra in the job fair scene the week before. Even though it was clear that Candy and I hardly looked like mother and daughter, I was relieved. She agreed to do the part. I could tell she made an effort to look different from how she’d appeared the weekend before.

Alas, Amanda wasn’t able to take on her role, so I was resigned at last to filling in. You would think it would be easiest for me to memorize my lines, seeing as how I wrote them and all, but it was trickier than I expected to remember when to shout which insult at whom.

We arrived at my aunt and uncle’s shortly before noon (you may believe I am determined to film in every room of their house as well). We got started around a quarter after, and Brandon very kindly consented to being director for the day. When episode six, “Bridezilla,” is released, look for his guest director credit. He seemed unsure what to do at first with his sudden authority, but once he got rolling he kept us on task. We wrapped by 2:15, 45 minutes early. We filmed a wider variety of shots than usual, which makes me nervous about consistency, but it is also exciting because I think it’s going to be the closest we come to an action-packed episode. My favorite part is the last take we did.


To give a bit of back story, the scene depicts a wedding rehearsal, the day before the ceremony is to take place. Our heroes Kelsey and Andy are on site, setting up some equipment to film the rehearsal for a wedding video they are being commissioned by the bride to do. They meet her mother, who appears to be a handful, until they meet the betrothed herself. Like mother, like daughter, the two have an argument before proceeding with the rehearsal. The preacher (played by “Beacon Alley’s” Kyle Hoy) explains to the young couple how the ceremony will go the next morning, when suddenly the mother of the bride makes herself known by loudly objecting to the marriage and things quickly go downhill.

The last thing Brandon did yesterday was give Taylor the camera. We acted out one last take of the scene from her character’s perspective with the camera, amateur zooming/shifty motion and all. That will make for an interesting take to edit into the episode, and I am pretty sure I will run the take in its entirety after the credits roll on that episode. It’s good stuff. I am really excited about what Brandon shot yesterday, and I can’t wait to start editing. Brandon’s still waiting on the power supply for his computer to come in. Hopefully once it does, we’ll be good to go.

Candy, who gave a stunning performance as the mother in law, had the good thinking to bring her camera. She took a group shot, and then I insisted she switch places with me so I could get one of her with her cast mates. There was some good comradery on set yesterday.

The cast of the wedding party scene (minus one bridezilla)

The cast of the wedding party scene (minus one bridezilla)


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