Playing it by ear

I am editing episode three at my brother’s house tonight because Brandon’s stupid computer power supply still hasn’t been shipped from California. I hope we never have to deal with that compnay ever again, because they have been more trouble than they’re worth. Anyway. So if all goes well in editing tonight, episode three will air this Friday as planned. I can’t wait to edit the stuff we’ve shot lately; it looks good. Taylor has a great energy about her and it’s infectious. RJ was a great pick for the Andy character, and it’s pretty awesome Abby was willing to play Liz. It’s the magic of movies, the way these things fall into place. I just hope that trend will stick with me here in the next couple weeks.

This Sunday, we’ll be filming the final episode of the show. I started writing it last night and I think I know what the conclusion will be. I’m not sure how to work the final scene, because it would be uncharacteristic to get serious or sentimental in the end. I need a funny ending for something I am sorry to end. I have to finish writing soon, because I need to get the script out to the cast. I also need to talk to Abby because her scenes are in flux at the moment. She’s got a lot going on this summer, and company coming in this weekend.

Next Sunday, we’ll film the birthday party scene. I’ve got at least half a dozen kids cast now, and hopefully enough of them will show up. I don’t have anyone picked for the birthday boy role, and that’s tricky, because that kid has lines. I don’t have a lot of boys to select from (mostly girls have been submitted for the scene) so I would like to hold auditions for that role. The idea of working with an actor who may be as young as six years old completely boggles me. What if they don’t feel like playing along that day? And I can’t tell you how utterly weirded out I have felt posting ads seeking kids to act. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t get any responses if parents thought I was a male director.

Also, we don’t have a filming location for the afternoon of the 16th. Anyone have a house we could film outside of in the backyard? We’ve already used our resources at my aunt’s for the wedding scene, and I’m not sure how they’d feel about having a group of young kids at their place. But that won’t sway you, will it, dear reader?

I am so screwed.


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