Sneak peek of episode three

I nearly lost it trying to teach myself how to use the newest version of iMovie last night – iMovie 8. I thought it was going to be the simplest thing ever to go to Owen’s and edit away, maybe getting two or three episodes in the can, since I’ve been wanting to work with that footage since we shot it last month. Instead, I barely managed to upload the next episode on YouTube before midnight.

I can’t even explain the program to you, or what made it so different, other than to say it took everything I knew about cutting, arranging, and playing back clips and threw it upside down on me and said, “Deal with it, it’s so easy we aren’t even going to release helpful tutorials on our web site,” and I said, “That’s really crappy, what would you do that, Apple?” but there was no response. I was left to my own devices, trying to figure out why my clips were strewn across the monitor as one long stream of frames, overwhelmingly depicting action from every five seconds of the forty minutes of footage I imported. Information overload? Yeah. That’s how I felt.

But, after stumbling around for a very frustrating 30 minutes, I managed to get the hang of it. I was even able to show Owen a couple things after, and I am pretty sure that’s never happened before. I decided I like learning, I just hate failing. And I need to fail by myself.

I have no idea how I’ll get episode four up next week, since I will be at a conference for work most of the week. Guess I’ll worry about that later. Anyway, it took almost four hours, but here is episode three, “The Job Fair.” Ah, the benefits of being a reader of The Sleeper Hit. Early content! This baby’s getting released on Friday.


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