See you next week

Before the wedding rehearsal scene, I received an e-mail from a guy named Andrew, who is 19 and interested in film. He offered to come help out with filming in turn for being allowed to shadow and observe. I told him we were not much to observe, since we are about as low budget and unprofessional as it gets, but that he was more than welcome to come. He did, and he is seen pictured in Candy’s group photo from the day’s work.

After I asked for ideas for a “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” style encounter between Kelsey and a little girl selling lemonade, Andrew wrote me back with a basic rundown of a script for the episode. I adapted it, and now we have a script for “Lemonade Showdown,” guest written by Andrew Benedict. It’s being filmed Sunday morning before the birthday party scenes. It was slated for Monday, but it looks like it might rain that evening.

That Monday, we are filming the last three scenes of the series, so we’re almost to the finish line. With the addition of “Lemonade Showdown,” there will be ten episodes total. Three are online now. Number four is due out this Friday, but I am very sorry to say it might be postponed. When I started airing episodes of “Paper Cuts,” I did so with the belief that there was no way Brandon’s computer could be out of commission for more than a couple weeks. I was wrong. He’s doing some major work on it tonight, so I may get to edit late into the night before driving to Cincinnati first thing tomorrow morning, but the odds are looking grim. If episode four doesn’t air, I will do everything I can to make sure two episodes are aired next week to make up for lost time.

Tonight after work, I am headed to girls’ movie night in with the former roomie of Brandon and mine’s. I have been bad and have hardly talked to her since the move, so we’re catching up tonight over Chipotle and a movie.

After that, it’s off to Cincinnati for work, but I will get to pick up the tiger suit while I’m there. I have plans to go out to dinner with some of the Plum St. Productions people Friday night before going back to Columbus, and we’ll be handing off some movie equipment/props to each other as well. Brandon surely can’t wait to throw on that tiger suit this Sunday in 70-degree heat.


One thought on “See you next week

  1. Correction – 10-day forecast currently lists Sunday as having a high of 84-degrees. I will stroke out, but not until after my final performance. You would kill me otherwise ;P .

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