Catching up

The lemonade showdown

The lemonade showdown

So I know I’ve been gone for nearly a week, but I have a lot to share now to make up for lost time. It’s been a very productive weekend.

First of all, while I was away in Cincinnati, Brandon got the computer up and running. “Beacon Alley” folks will be pleased to hear this, because it means those DVDs I promised so very long ago are now about to happen. It’s about time, I know.

Also, on my way out of town, I stopped by Plum St. to pick up a much needed prop for Sunday’s shoot: The Tiger Suit. Oh, yes. Thanks to those at Plum St. Productions for keeping me entertained Friday night after a very long work week, and for letting me borrow your giant animal suit.

I was able to edit episode four Saturday, and ended up completing two more

Our little lemonade girl

Our little lemonade girl

episodes the next day after filming wrapped. Unfortunately, Owen’s Flash “Paper Cuts” intro (made on a Mac, and up until now, used only on a Mac) is not PC friendly, so episode four has a generic intro rather than the cool one Owen made. Hopefully he can get me a different version in time for the next episode, to be launched this Friday.

These kids thought we were really selling lemonade so we gave them some for free

These neighbor kids thought we were really selling lemonade so we gave them some for free

Yesterday was a crazy day, because I woke up and set up two lemonade stands across the street from each other outside our house. A mom and her young daughter showed up 20 minutes early and informed me she had come from Louisville, Kentucky to be there that morning. As it turned out, so did most of my other child actors, who had all been contacted by the same Columbus area talent agency. Isn’t that the craziest thing you’ve ever heard? Would you drive three hours on a Sunday morning so your kid could be in a two minute scene for a web series that didn’t pay? It’s a crazy world out there. From what I understand, most of the parents and kids knew each other already from the pageant circuit. I am not even kidding, you guys. All in all, they were nice people. I barely talked to the parents other than the lemonade girls’ mom, and the kids did a really good job. They were surprisingly professional, despite being under the age of 12, and they listened.

The kids with Theresa

The kids with Theresa

The lemonade girl was five years old. She was adorable, and sweet and quiet. Her mother assured me within five minutes of meeting me that she was not a stage parent. It’s hard to tell, but she really was a great help with me in setting up the birthday party scene, and she agreed to be an extra. She understood the ideas of my scripts and liked them, so I am grateful for that.

They got to eat the prop cake after we wrapped

They got to eat the prop cake after we wrapped

I really liked how the lemonade show down scene went; I need to find some Ennio Morricone-style copyright-free music to run under that puppy. Taylor even played the part and wore cowboy boots and a red bandanna, on her own accord. She really gets the humor style as well, which really helps.

Brandon was lamenting his agreement to wear the tiger suit in 80+ degree weather, but he said after that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. I guess those theme park costumes are made to breathe. I think the kids were a little old for people in giant animal suits, but again, they were actors, so they went along with it. Hopefully that plays out well on camera when I sit down to edit. Theresa from “Beacon Alley” agreed to play the birthday boy’s mother, so I’ve recycled a lot of actors at this point. I am glad they are so willing.

We shoot the final three scenes of “Paper Cuts” tonight. It has flown by. Brandon says he’s sorry to see it go, but at the same time, it will be nice to have our weekends back. I agree with that. After tonight, I will finish touching up “Beacon Alley” for the DVDs, finally sit down and make that long-awaited blooper reel, complete editing for “Paper Cuts,” and then who knows what I’ll do with myself? After all that, I won’t have any more excuses not to start writing my two feature scripts.

Brandon as Tigger-- I mean, Timmy. We are in no way affiliated with the Disney Corporation.

Brandon as Tigger-- I mean, Timmy. We are in no way affiliated with the Disney Corporation.


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