Financial update

Expenses for filming Sunday, Aug. 17 (Day 5):

Episode 7, “Lemonade Showdown”

-groceries including four lemons, a bag of sugar, plastic cups, etc.: $12

We were able to re-use a lot of props from the job fair scene, such as the opposite sides of two sheets of poster board and the colorful table covers used.

Episode 9, “The Birthday Party”

-groceries including Pringles, granola bars, two packs of juice boxes, candy, a Spiderman balloon, and one birthday cake: $27

Again, a table cover was given a second life in the birthday party scene.

On an unrelated note, I got a thank you e-mail from the only local mom who let me borrow her kids yesterday. The older of her two sons played the birthday boy at my request. She told me this morning that the other moms were pretty miffed that her son, who was only there “for fun,” and didn’t travel over 100 miles to be there, was given the prized role of the birthday boy. Apparently more than one parent was a little cold to her, and was caught bad-mouthing her son when they thought she wasn’t there. Are you kidding me? It’s weird to know that parents are battling ruthlessly behind the scenes for their child’s chance to read nonsensical words in a script I wrote.

I apologized profusely to her for their behavior.


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