What do I do now?

We wrapped the final scenes of “Paper Cuts” Monday night. I have to say, production of the web series went a lot quicker and much, much smoother than that of “Beacon Alley.”

I guess the more you do something scary, the less scary it becomes over time. On that note, I won’t be filming anything else until spring 2010. For one thing, I don’t have anything else written, otherwise I might try to get something else made before it gets too cold. Brandon is convinced we need to make a horror short this winter in our basement. After the job fair episodes of “Paper Cuts” aired, we got a lot of feedback about how super creepy our basement is. This we knew, naturally, but it was confirmed many times over. My friend Nathan from back home wants to write and direct something with me when he moves back from Alaska to Ohio in two months, and considering that kid watches nothing but slasher flicks, he’s probably my best bet for ever making a horror film in my career. Okay, and Plum St. Productions might be making a humorous horror short about a garden gnome in October, so I’d like to help out where I can with that project. But as far as my own stuff, I am done for the season. And what a season it’s been.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about film making lately, and from it sounds like, everyone’s got a movie in them. Isn’t that cool, you guys? I am about to find out how hard it is to actually put one on paper in the form of a real, live script, but I am hoping that by telling you I am going to, I will feel more compelled to do it, much like I felt when I told you I was setting out to make a movie. So, once I have the experience behind me and the authority to say so, I will encourage you to get your movie out as well.

Both my ideas are comedies. I tried writing a dramatic play my junior year of college, but it was about things going in my life at the time (read: my mom) and I didn’t know how it was going to end. Once the real life ending took place, I no longer felt like writing a play about my mother. I have a feeling if I wrote a drama, it would inevitably become a story about cancer, grief, uncertainty, depression, etc. And quite frankly, a comedy about small college life sounds like a lot more fun.

I had the day off yesterday, but I didn’t do as much editing as I had hoped. I have to re-edit several scenes of “Beacon Alley,” because for some reason, one of the tapes I’d imported didn’t transfer over when Brandon copied everything from his computer onto new hard drives. Fortunately, everything was still on mini DV tape, so I re-imported Tape 6, the one that was lost. I welcome the opportunity to cut those missing scenes better the second time around, but it’s also a pain because I am in “Paper Cuts” mode and I am eager to finish editing the final three episodes.

There are seven episodes on YouTube now, although I will be taking them down and putting them back up again. The Flash intro my brother created didn’t work with Pinnacle Studio 12, so I uploaded some recent episodes with a generic intro in its place. I think he may have fixed the problem though, so now I want to re-launch them with the proper intro. Also I tweaked the wedding episode, “I Do, She Did” and improved it a bit. The most recent episode online now is episode seven, “Lemonade Showdown.” Thanks presumably to the mother of the lemonade girl, it’s gotten over 140 hits in two days. The pilot only reached the 300 mark today. My favorites so far are episodes six and seven.

Speaking of which, I need to find some ways to promote the series. I’m sure I’m boring my facebook and Twitter friends to death with updates, so I need a new megaphone platform. I joined Plentitube and something called EpiGuide, and I am looking into Blip.tv, but I don’t really know what these are going to do for me. Now that I know the series will soon be complete, I need to find some solid promotion fast while this is still new. Any ideas? Will you post these episodes to whatever blog, facebook, or Twitter accounts you have so I won’t be the only one pushing this product? Even as I say that, I don’t know what my endgame is here. I don’t want to do a second season. I wrapped the series up in a decent way. I guess I just want a lot of people to see it. Is that so bad?


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