Online progress, complete with links

They say August is the slowest month for news, and according to the calendar here at the Sleeper Hit, the same goes for blogging.

I had some time off from work, and I started a channel for “Paper Cuts.” Beware, that will play automatically, complete with sound. But isn’t it pretty? puts ads on your videos, and you earn fractions of pennies in return for selling out. I have earned $0.02 so far in my PayPal account. To see the episodes ad-free, visit my YouTube channel. We’ve got the first seven episodes on there now, with the remaining three to come.

On Sunday, I finally edited that blasted blooper reel for “Beacon Alley.” You may remember this as the blooper reel that fried Brandon’s computer. I was a little more than nervous to embark on the adventure again, but now that Brandon’s computer can kick the titanium butts of all other computers, it went just fine. See five minutes of outtakes here.

A few out-of-state family members and friends have been asking about an online version of “Beacon Alley.” I’ve met you halfway. Now on Vimeo, you can view the first 19 minutes of “Beacon Alley” at your leisure. Why 19 minutes? I can only upload up to 500 MB on each week, and the best quality file of the movie was nearly a gig. So, look for part two, a.k.a., the last 12 minutes, next week, when I have another 500 MB of space at my disposal.

I had a long weekend, and it was very well spent. Brandon and I made our way to my hometown after work Friday, and sat out at a campfire with my uncles, cousins, and my dad. It would have been your normal marshmallow roast except Brandon was showing my cousin the episode of “Paper Cuts” he appears in on his Blackberry by the fire. On Saturday afternoon, after a family picnic, we stopped by a benefit for a friend’s grandma who has cancer for the second time. She wasn’t there, because it turned out she was in the James Cancer Center in Columbus. Figures. On the way to a housewarming party back in the city, we stopped at our old college favorite restaurant, Theo’s in Cambridge. We picked up one of their legendary pies and stopped by campus on the way home to look aroud. It was move-in weekend, but we realized there is probably not anyone still at Muskingum that we knew. It was a sad feeling, but it’s still nice to drive around to see what’s new. Speaking of which, any Muskies know where Brandon’s frat house went? We looked all over but couldn’t see where the Sinfonians are lodging this year.

After the housewarming party at Nathan and Glenda’s, we went home to watch more Trigun. I finally got to see this anime series that I’d heard so much about, and we ended up finishing it yesterday. It was really good.

On Sunday, we saw the new Tarantino flick, “Inglorious Basterds.” It wasn’t as violent or bloody as I was afraid of, although I did close my eyes until Brandon said I could open them again a couple times. I don’t ever want to see anyone get beaten to death by a baseball bat, even if it is a Nazi. I liked Brad Pitt’s character a lot, and I wish B.J. Novak had more lines. He looked so funny up there on the screen, when I am so used to seeing him as Ryan from “The Office”. Brandon and I disagree on our opinion of the ending, however. I was not so much a fan.

Our Cancer Year

Our Cancer Year

Last night, Brandon and I watched two Paul Giamatti movies back to back. We watched “The Illusionist” since Brandon hadn’t seen it, and then we finally remembered we’d been meaning (for about eight months now) to watch a borrowed copy of “American Splendor” so we could finally return it. I’d heard of Harvey Pekar long before now. I read about two pages of one of his comic books when I was little and thought, these aren’t funny at all. And I guess they probably weren’t to a seven year old. But I did appreciate that he was from Cleveland, and even better, he’d answered a fan letter my mom wrote him. She was from Cleveland as well, and when she got cancer in 1990, she wrote him a letter. He wrote back and sent her some signed books. In the movie last night, I saw that Pekar had cancer at one point too, and wrote a year’s worth of comic books about it. It was later made into a graphic novel called “Our Cancer Year” with the great support of his wife. This was in 1994, so I guess whatever he sent my mom was stuff from before all that. But he was a pretty nice guy for doing what he did. Maybe I should write him a letter thanking him? That would probably just really bum him out, actually. Anyway, thanks to Joe and Jessie for the extended movie rental. It was a good one.

I told the cast and crew of “Beacon Alley” I’d have DVDs ready for them to pick up Thursday evening, so I better get cracking on those. I tried burning a test one but there was a technical issue that I have to get past. Anyone else want a copy while the burning’s good?


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