Writing for the small screen

Yesterday I came up with an idea for a TV show. I have always thought that television concepts would be the hardest things to come up with, because you have to have an ongoing plot that plays out over several years, and there was no way anything I could come up with would have that kind of longevity. However, I think I might have something that I can see going on for at least a couple seasons. I don’t really want to tell too much on here, but the show would take place in the late 90s. It will not be called “That 90s Show” even it will center around mostly high school students. But! It will involve time travel. Not sure what the vehicle of said time travel will be (a DeLorean, perhaps?) but I’ll figure that out later.

I think it will be a “dramedy” because the way I have it laid out so far I pretty much can’t avoid some tragedy. But I want this show to be funny, too. Are there any shows that mix drama and comedy that are only a half hour long? I know it sounds lazy but the idea of writing hour-long scripts is pretty daunting.

I’m going to write the pilot soon. Hopefully from that I will be able to determine whether this idea is total crap or not, and if it is, I’ll move on to Screenplay Idea #1.


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