I want to be a medium loser

Let me tell you a not-so-secret.

I’ve gained about ten pounds this summer. I am not used to that kind of weight gain. It happened really quickly, and it scared me a lot. I’m not sure if the gain was caused by genetics or pizza, but I am really hoping it’s pizza.

I have spent the past several weeks whining to Brandon about this, and just really hoping no one commented on it, and being very discretionary about which pictures of me during filming got added to facebook. I’ve been letting myself go, and I didn’t even know it. Enough is enough. I can complain all I want, but that’s not going to get anything done. The problem is, it’s really hard to motivate myself to work out. I am a pretty lazy person, truth be told. Then, the other day, it hit me:

Through the power of Blog, I made a movie and a web series. What I blog about planning to do, I do. So far, anyway. This could be the end of that trend. But it’s worth a try.

Therefore, I announce my intention to lose 15 pounds by Thanksgiving. You know, so I can promptly gain it right back in one day. Let it be known, I’m going to be losing weight and writing a screenplay this fall/winter. I have blogged it to be so.

Maybe this weekend wasn’t the best time to agree to be a judge in Brandon’s brother’s meat cook-off… anyway. We’ll figure that out later. I have my gym bag packed, and I am working out later today if it kills me. Hopefully it doesn’t actually do that. I will report back tomorrow.

I am really regretting eating a cinnamon roll for breakfast this morning. Curse you, Pillsbury.


One thought on “I want to be a medium loser

  1. BC and I have been playing tennis just about every day lately – maybe you and Brandon can try learning a new sport.together. Even though I am not very good, it’s fun, and we usually ride our bikes to the courts, so that is more exercise in disguise! 🙂

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