In the very near future

On Wednesday night, Brandon and I are flying to Colorado at last to visit Doug and Chandra. We haven’t seen them in person since the weekend they moved, in June of last year. I can’t wait to see them. We’ll be there until Monday morning, and then as I said before, Brandon’s coming back to Columbus and I’m flying to San Francisco for a week to see a childhood friend. I know I mentioned the possibility on here before, but as it turns out, I will not be going to LA while out there. Jeanne is a student and will have class during the week, and there’s no way I’m going there alone. Also, it turns out LA is like freaking eight hours away from San Francisco, and that’s if traffic is good.

In LA, I wouldn’t know what to do once I got there. Maybe knock on random doors and say, Hello, I’m a screenwriter, although to date, I have written zero screenplays. It is nice to meet you. Please give me a job making the movies, please.

Anyway. While Jeanne is in class, I will be writing my TV show pilot, and working on Screenplay Idea #1. I realize I have gone into very little detail on any of these bigger ideas, and I know it sounds paranoid, but it’s because I don’t want my ideas stolen, crappy as they may still be at this point. But Saturday, I talked with two separate sets of friends about the TV show. I’d like to tell you all about it, but I don’t want to give too much away (e-mail me). I will say that I needed help fleshing it out a bit, especially the supernatural elements I am working on. Science fiction is not my forte, folks.

Saturday evening, I met with the two main guys of Plum St. Productions. They are shooting a commercial this month and will be doing some pre-production work on their short film while I am on vacation, and this weekend I met them to lend them my camera. They’ll be filming the short over three weekends in October, and I am most likely committed for two of those. After handing them over my baby, um, I mean, camera, we went out to Rooster’s so they could get some dinner. I was meeting Brandon at our friends Jake and Abby’s house after, so I ate light. We got to talking about future projects, and I told them a bit about the TV show. To put it in very simple terms, t’s a dramedy/sci-fi show that starts out about a guy who’s going through a quarter life crisis. He goes back in time to ten years ago (becoming his 14-year-old self in doing so; I always forget to add that part) and gets a re-do on life – with strings attached.

The Plum St. guys were extremely encouraging and had lots to say about time travel, what my catalyst for sending him back to 1999 might be, etc. We talked about the consequences of trying to change the past, and how this could be used in my writing. Basically, I couldn’t wait to start writing after I talked to them. Then, I talked to Jake and Abby about it later that night, and they were really excited about it, too. They both do some fantasy novel reading, so they have a better grasp on that kind of thing than I do. Anyway, it felt really good to talk to people about an idea and see/hear them respond so positively. I can’t wait to get started.

So, there’s my future plans: write the pilot, do some work on the first screenplay idea, and help Plum St. with their short in October. Keeping busy over at Wilmer Productions, company of one (Two if Brandon allows himself to be counted rather than dragged along for the ride).

Speaking of Brandon, he has not had a good week. Every night since we got back from Knoxville Labor Day weekend, he’s been kept awake most of the night with some kind of abdominal/stomach pain. At first he could get some sleep on the couch if he sat upright or in some kind of odd position, but the past couple of nights it has gotten much worse. He woke me up and I took him to Urgent Care on Sunday morning, and they think he may have to have his gull bladder removed. They gave him a prescription that was supposed to make him drowsy but feel better, but it didn’t work. He was up all last night. I drove him to CVS last night around 3 a.m. to try to find something to relieve at least one of his symptoms.

I felt very helpless. Today he was examined again and will be getting an ultrasound this afternoon to find out for sure about the gull bladder thing. He has an appointment with his regular doctor tomorrow. He is really hoping he doesn’t have to get surgery, and I am really hoping if he does, it’s not while I am in California.


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