Bon voyage

This evening, Brandon (and his gallbladder) will be flying to Denver with me to stay a few days. He’ll be getting said gallbladder (note my corrected spelling from the previous entry) removed the day after he comes back.

So, he will be getting surgery while I’m gone, and that is not ideal, but the thing has to come out sometime and, let’s face it, I am not scheduling this trip again. Brandon says he wants me to go, and his mom’s willing to come up to help him out. Thank you, Shari! You are awesome.

Because you are only allowed two carry-on items on a flight and because I bought precisely two pieces of matching luggage just for this trip, and because a laptop will not fit in either of them at this point, I will not be taking a computer with me. I’ll be writing the old fashioned way, so we’ll see how that goes. My dad wrote all four of his books by hand. Isn’t that crazy, you guys? He paid me to type up his filled, spiral-bound notebooks once he was finished. Sometimes they would have big, scratched out paragraphs but for the most part, his books were just as he wrote them down. Can I write a TV show pilot that way? Ha, I already know I can’t. I’ll be buying some index cards and legal pads and we’ll see what happens.


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