So far so good

I am in California for the first time ever, and it’s pretty sweet.

Brandon’s back in Columbus now, having spent four days in Ft. Collins with me, visiting Doug and Chandra. I realized while we were there how grateful they were for our visit. You could tell they enjoyed showing us around. Brandon has still been feeling a bit off due to the whole gallbladder thing, but despite that, we went bike riding and hiking and walked most places. We also watched the entire first season of “True Blood” on DVD, so there was some down time in there. Once Brandon’s pictures are posted and I’m back home, I’ll have to show off some of those. Brandon took some good ones.

I arrived in San Francisco at 2 p.m. yesterday, just in time for my host to leave for a three hour class. Her dad showed me around a bit, and then left me to my own devices with instructions to meet Jeanne at a Borders Books at 6:20. I walked around by myself a lot, although never too far in any direction. I toured China Town and sat in a park at Union Square. It was pretty cool, because on the plane trips I’ve been continuing reading a Dave Eggers book and on yesterday’s flight I got to the part where he moves to San Francisco. So I got to read about some spots (South of Market, The San Francisco Chronicle building, etc.) right before seeing them.

Today I got to take some pictures of my own at the wharf. I also ate at the city’s only In-n-Out burger.


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