Update on Plum St.

I didn’t get around to updating about Brandon’s gallbladder situation. He won’t be having surgery until Oct. 28, so he didn’t have to get it done while I was gone. His parents are still going to come up and stay with us for a couple days, which is nice of them.

Also, now that it is October, it’s time for production of Plum St. Production’s newest project to start: the horror short film, “Gnomwhere To Hide,” a harrowing tale of a terrorizing garden gnome. There was a final planning meeting yesterday, and production starts this Saturday. I’ll be in Cincinnati all weekend working as continuity editor. I am trying to convince Brandon to come along, since he can now say he has film set experience, and I am sure Plum St. could find work for him. Also, I don’t want to drive to Cincinnati and back by myself again.

My office has been sick since I left for vacation, and now I’m not feeling so great. Hopefully I’ll be fine by the weekend. Meanwhile, in our magazine meeting this morning we decided to do a big old feature about H1N1, so that’s reassuring. Headaches aren’t a symptom, are they? Because I’ve had one since Saturday.

After my dad stopped by Saturday night, Brandon and I got to babysit for our friends Dean and Rachael while they went to a Blue Jackets game. I’ve never babysat a child that was younger than three, so that was interesting. Nothing terrible happened, so maybe now my brother and sister-in-law will put us in the babysitting rotation. Then on Sunday, we went to see “Zombieland” which was actually a lot funnier than I expected. Eileen and I were talking about seeing another movie later that night, but we decided to just take a walk around Clintonville since she still had a lot of homework to do. It was a nice, relaxing end to the weekend. And we’re probably going to go see “Fame” on Thursday or Friday.

My friend Katie, whom I’ve known since I was four, is coming to Columbus briefly Wednesday night, and I’ll be driving her to the airport Thursday morning before work. It is always nice to have her visit.


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