The bike story

Having dinner with friends last night, it was brought to my attention I never told the story of the bike, as hinted at in an earlier photo caption.

As my dad said, when you are packed for vacation, it is almost certain you will need half the clothes you packed and twice the amount of money you’ve set aside. How true this is. My vacation budget would have been fine, had it not been for an unplanned expense in Ft. Collins.

Ft. Collins, an extremely bike-friendly area, offers a free service call the Bike Library, which is what it sounds like. You sign out a bike like you would a book, and bring it back. However, it turns out if you use a debit card to reserve your bike rather than a credit card, you will be charged a large deposit, similar to the price of a bike. This dollar amount is not a coincidence.

So, the bike library charged my card $150, but I got the deposit back my second day in San Francisco. It all worked out, but it was a nasty shock at the time. I will say apart from not being informed up front about that, the service is a very good thing. I would not dissuade anyone from taking advantage of it if one has a credit card.


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