Gnomewhere to go but up

Plum St. Productions borrowed my camera while I was on vacation and made a Halloween-themed commercial for a local barbecue joint. I saw the pictures from the two-day shoot, and they were awesome. I can’t wait to see the commercial. Once the 30-second spot is online, I’ll be sharing it here.

Since I am (supposed to be) writing this fall and not needing my camera, they will still be using mine for the short I’m helping them with this month, “Gnomewhere to Hide.” As I mentioned earlier this week, principal photography starts Saturday morning. I failed to convince Brandon to come with, as it turns out he is more interested in watching free ESPN at our friends Joe and Jessie’s place / watching their cat while they’re away. The lucky dog. He’s managed to see all Tennessee’s games, despite our not cracking and getting cable, whether it meant finding a sports bar in Ft. Collins, babysitting Dean and Rachael’s tot, or cat-sitting.

Meanwhile, Magazine Week rages on at work, so blogging has been limited. But I am making an effort to post more this month than I did last, even if it means brief updates like this. Much like Club Trillion in the off season, my blog seems to have calmed down considerably since “Paper Cuts” wrapped, but bear with me; the best is yet to come.

Check back Monday/Tuesday for a sure-to-be lengthy post about filming this weekend.


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