Gnomewhere, Weekend Three

I wish I could post every little detail, but it’s already Thursday and I want to get this out there. So, a list of the best quotes of the weekend, a short blurb, and a photo montage.

“‘Gnome is where the hurt is!’ That’s the tag line for this movie.” -Unknown

“Amber, don’t be afraid to really scream. You’re scared, you’re vulnerable. You turn around and see, ‘Oh, there’s a gnome on the stove.’ React as such.” -Brian, directing an actress

Me: “When will we use the crane?”

Unknown (but probably Brian): “When won’t we use the crane?”

One of Plum St.'s newest built this crane

One of Plum St.'s newest built this crane

...And this dolly

...And this dolly

This last one refers to one of Plum St.’s newest, most awesome pieces of equipment. See, Amber the talented actress was cast as one of the leads in the short film. Through her, the group met her husband, Mike. He is a jack of all trades, and built Plum St. a small dolly on wheels a couple of weeks ago. This past weekend, he brought more to the table: a new and improved dolly, and a crane. He works fast, it seems.

Another bonus addition on set this time around was an extremely helpful monitor, which displayed what the camera was getting. It’s a cheap flat screen TV the guys bought on sale and hooked up to the camera. I can’t even tell you how helpful that was. I no longer had to remind the director of photography to call the time code at the end of every scene because more often than not, I could see it on the monitor. And, we could see a more true version of the footage. Remember my earlier posts this year cursing my camera’s display when I realized it didn’t show 100% of the frame and the lighting wasn’t accurate? The monitor solves these problems. That means before I film anything this spring, I’ll be investing in one of my own.


The monitor can mount to the base of the crane

I feel so inspired every time I work with these guys. The more they grow as a team, the better experience I gain from helping them. If I get the chance to help them write something I might feel more like I am pulling my weight. Anyone can record time codes, pretty much, although I guess they need the manpower, which I am happy to contribute.


Using the monitor inside = extremely helpful


That gnome, he's a killer


This is what I think the movie poster should look like: Terror in suburbia!


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