A nasty trick for treats

Last night was Columbus’s night for trick-or-treating. Last year, when we lived in the G-H-E-T-T-O, we didn’t get any trick-or-treaters at our house, so by hour two we took up my aunt’s invitation to go to Clintonville and help her and my uncle hand out candy.

This year, I was sure things would be different; we live on a street with a lot of families, so while I helped Joe and Jessie move yesterday after work, Brandon’s dad went out and bought some Halloween candy. I was so excited. While waiting on dinner, I sat outside with a silver mixing bowl of candy, waiting expectantly under the porch light. After about ten minutes, I went back inside for something, leaving the bowl on the porch, out of plain sight. Or so I thought.

A couple minutes later, we heard footsteps on our porch. I jumped to the door to hand out some candy, but when I got there, I saw the kids were running away. “Wait!” I shouted. Then I looked down. “Oh, they took the bowl,” said Brandon’s dad. I ran after the culprits and they dropped the bowl in the street. A girl was left behind, but what could I do to her, really? I gave her a dirty look, picked up my mixing bowl and did the Charlie Brown music walk home.

Rule Number One of Trick-or-Treating in the city: Do not leave the candy bowl unattended. NOT FOR ONE SECOND.

Brandon hobbled out to the porch to try to cheer me up and/or coax me back inside.

“They are going to eat all that candy, get sick, and have to have their gallbladders taken out,” he assured me.

I told him I was sitting there until at least one kid came up to me and asked me for some candy.

It became clear after a while that children were avoiding our block like the plague, so I ended up walking over one block and handing out candy from a second bowl (good thing we had two) to kids outside of other people’s houses. But, I talked to a nice older man about Halloween and growing up in a small town.

My hopes for next year are pretty much dashed, unless I move to Clintonville.

Meanwhile, Brandon’s gallbladder surgery went well Wednesday. His parents have been up since Tuesday night, and they took care of him yesterday while I was at work. It has been nice having their company.


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