This is the week

Long-time readers of this blog will remember that November is a bittersweet month for me. I mentioned that last week was my dad’s birthday, which is awesome, and he had a good day. So did I. But his birthday is also the prelude to a week later, November 11, a day I’d happily skip altogether each year. My mom died almost two years ago, and last year, it was a big deal because it was the one year anniversary, the first, and it meant something. I lived, and the next day came, and I kept going. Now, it’s been two years, and that’s not significant other than it means a year ago I was really sad because it had been a year since my mom died.

I am also “lucky” enough to have Veterans’ Day, November 11, off from work, this year, last year, next year. It probably was a good thing in 2008, the first anniversary, but every year after? That’s practically begging me to wallow in my misery every year. So we’ll see. Just a heads up. I’ll be at home on Wednesday but I won’t be much fun.