This is the week

Long-time readers of this blog will remember that November is a bittersweet month for me. I mentioned that last week was my dad’s birthday, which is awesome, and he had a good day. So did I. But his birthday is also the prelude to a week later, November 11, a day I’d happily skip altogether each year. My mom died almost two years ago, and last year, it was a big deal because it was the one year anniversary, the first, and it meant something. I lived, and the next day came, and I kept going. Now, it’s been two years, and that’s not significant other than it means a year ago I was really sad because it had been a year since my mom died.

I am also “lucky” enough to have Veterans’ Day, November 11, off from work, this year, last year, next year. It probably was a good thing in 2008, the first anniversary, but every year after? That’s practically begging me to wallow in my misery every year. So we’ll see. Just a heads up. I’ll be at home on Wednesday but I won’t be much fun.

3 thoughts on “This is the week

  1. I just need you to know that I just read your entry, and then went to Facebook. Under “Suggestions” is “Vermont” and “Mary Williams,” and I felt my heart tug. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be thinking of you, your family, and of course your mom on Wednesday.

    It’s strange how things happen like that…but at least it gave me another excuse to comment on your blog other than to just tell you that I’m thinking of you, and if you need anything to let me know.

  2. Thanks, Jessi. I am working with facebook to get her account “memorialized,” which I guess is a nice alternative to having it deleted. That is kind of a weird coincidence, and I wondered if her profile showed up on her friends’ “Re-connect with” suggestions.

    Thank you for your support! I appreciate it more than ever this week.

  3. This is the week, yes.

    I’m hoping and praying that there will be sweet spots in it, even in the midst of the hard moments.

    Walking with you, my friend, in this season of yours.

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